Thursday, August 18, 2011

before leaving...

So, as I was looking through the memory card on our camera, I realized there were still a few pictures on there from the week before we left. Wow! I am quite far behind. :)

You may remember that back in April, we only received one of our Easter packages from my parents. The one with the actual clothes for Easter Sunday and Kate's plane ticket to America were in the package that we did NOT have. But it arrived just days before we left. Phew! So I made the kids wear their Easter clothes to church the Sunday before we left.

Kate looking so pretty in her dress. :)

Seth loved his Easter clothes so much that he asked every single morning for 5 straight days if he could wear them. He was thrilled to have a "working boy tie," as he called it, because "Dad has a tie and he works, too." He also loved the vest and the hat as well. Cracked me up!

We had family pictures taken that weekend before I left, and I will have to post those in a separate one. Seth wore his Easter clothes in them. Here is a sneak peak...


And the night before we left, we went over to Zsolt and Gabi's house to say goodbye to them. You can see the love they have for our family and we have for them.

They actually got engaged a few weeks after this and are planning their spring wedding now. We are THRILLED for them!!!!!! Oh how we love them. :)


Julie said...

they look adorable!

Jessica Heights said...

Awww, congrats to them on their engagement! :)

connie connally said...

Dear Kristen,
I came across your blog when I was googling blogsites related to Hungary, and I thought I'd write you a note. I am an American Christian and I pray regularly for Hungary. I have been writing two novels set in Hungary, one in 1944-45 and one in 1951; since my imagination constantly goes to Hungary for my writing, my heart has ended up being there, too. I have visited the country twice and would love to go back. I see that you are connected with a Christian international school there. Do you know Keith Sellars? He is a missionary with World Venture and does some teaching at a Christian international school in Budapest, but I don't know if it the same one as yours. God bless you in your continued ministry there. If you would like to look at my blog, which has some links related to Hungarian history/literature, the site address is
God's grace to you,