Thursday, May 5, 2011

breathing is good

I was going to post a few pictures, but now it's late, and I need to go to bed. But before I do, I had to share a couple things.

1. The package from my mom with the kids' Easter clothes came today. Yeah!

2. Seth was super excited about new church clothes and getting his first tie. He asked if he could wear it right away, and then he decided he had to wear all of the clothes, including the hat! Love it on him. And as I was putting on his tie, he said, "This is my working boy tie." I think he calls it that because Kevin sometimes wears a tie to work, too.

3. Seth is now volunteering to pray at dinner. That's a first. He always will at bedtime and stuff, but he has never wanted to at dinner. That all changed this week. His prayers are precious. Tonight he thanked the Lord for "our family, friends, and porters." (That would be supporters.) :) We had to remind him about the food, too.

4. Every day I see more of Kate's personality coming out. She is a hoot. I cannot picture her being a girl who like ruffles and bows and dresses. But we shall see!

Oh, and my knee is feeling about 80% today. That's the best it's felt in the last two and a half weeks. AND I can breathe through my nose today! It has been a good day.

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Jessica Heights said...

"working boy tie..." That is soooooo cute!