Monday, August 29, 2011

not enough hours in the day

Well, life keeps on happening, despite my best intentions of blogging. :)

We have been busy having lots of people over for dinner. That is always fun, catching up with old friends from a summer apart and getting to know new ones. :) The tricky part has been making meals that don't make my already warm house turn into an even hotter house from cooking!

We were also without electricity a couple times in the last week and a half. That is not something unusual, but we have never had it happen so many times in a few days. (These were all scheduled outages. We have all talked about how that would never happen in the US and just how much people would freak out if that happened there. But that is just normal life here.) And the temps have been near 100. (SO hot and NO electricity for fans=miserable.) I tried to not open my fridge on the days that the electricity was out, but I still had food spoil. Argh. Oh well. No more scheduled outages in the near future, and the temps are in the 80s this week. Awesome!

School started last Wednesday. Everyone (teachers and students alike) seemed to report the same thing: good but too hot. Kevin is teaching a brand new course for the school this year. Less than a week in, and he says he is behind already. Not enough hours in the day! I'm pretty sure most good teachers always feel that way.

I haven't been sleeping well lately, and so I always feel tired. I hadn't planned to take naps when the kiddos did so many times last week, but it just happened on accident! I don't know if it's just been too hot to sleep or what, but it is annoying. I am going to go to bed early tonight though.

And a little more catch-up from May 11: Airplane/Airport pictures!

Our flight left from Budapest for Amsterdam was at 6:15 a.m. That meant the kids were woken up at 4 a.m. and out the door shortly after. We got to our gate just in time for those with kids to board. This was at 5:30 a.m. My kids are never even awake at this time. They did SO well. Kate started out on my lap and Seth in his car seat, but shortly into the flight, Seth switched to an empty seat in our row (so thankful for the empty seat!), and Kate sat in his car seat. Worked out beautifully.

Kate slept for a bit, and then the kids looked at books.

my little bookworm :)

We had a four hour layover in Amsterdam, but since our flight landed early, we had more than that. I was dreading that part because it was so long, but the Lord in all his graciousness made that time go by quickly...and the kids again were phenomenal.

Kate sucking away on her fingers. :) She was still so tired and stayed in her stroller for a good portion of the layover and slept!

How I got around with the car seat, stroller, luggage, and kids by myself in Amsterdam :)

Seth's silhouette looking out the windows at all of the airplanes. He loved it.

I had blogged back in May about the actual trip, but I never was able to post pictures. So those were it from the trip. I never got the camera out on the flight from Amsterdam to Chicago for picture taking. Many reasons for that, but it was overall a great flight with the kids. LOVED the KLM flight attendants. They were wonderful. Oh how I love the way Europeans treat moms with young children. They are so gracious and helpful, which has definitely not been the norm on the American side of things. But Europeans in general are just different about those things. And I LOVE it. :)

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