Friday, September 12, 2008

fun fun

We went to the wine tasting festival last night at Buda Castle, the same one we went to last year. It was super fun again. We met up with Nusi and her friends Linda and Orsi. We went to the castle a few times over the summer, and it was fun to go back and actually know where I was within the castle. It was also nice going the second time around to the festival because I knew what was going on, what to expect, what to do. We had a great time! You kind of pinch yourself at these sorts of things. This is one of the things that I will miss about the European life whenever we move back.

We also learned of the "crabby cancerous man," Rákoscsaba. I know that doesn't mean anything to any of you, except for Audrey and Kevin, but I want to remember that because it made me laugh. Also, Kevin posted a new video of Seth on his blog that we took this morning. He's just playing and talking. Go watch and enjoy!

I'm home by myself with Seth all weekend. Kevin left this morning to go to the annual staff "retreat," which is held at Vajta like last year. I say "retreat" because it's more like a long work weekend and not much like a retreat. He'll be back on Sunday afternoon.

And I forgot to mention in Wednesday's post to wish my brother a very happy birthday!!!


The Schmit Clan said...

Kristen-I loved the video of Seth-what a cutie. His diaper looked like a "speedo"-is that a hungarian thing?! I tried to leave Kevin a comment, but it kept asking me for something I didn't know...go figure! Hi to kevin!

Kristen said...

Although the speedo seems to be the swimsuit of choice for almost all European men, it is not the case for the diapers. Seth moved up to the next size, and these things are massively huge on him, thus making them look rather awkward. :)