Sunday, September 14, 2008

the weekend is over

Kevin came back from his retreat this afternoon! He said they had lots more free time this year, so although he came home exhausted, he did get to relax and hang out a bit. Yeah for that. He also posted another video on his blog this afternoon. Apparently the original one from the other day got cut off, so he put the last minute or so that was missing. You can go watch that one, too!

Last night a couple of the girls from the high school came over and hung out with me. We watched a movie and had fun talking. I really enjoyed it. I hope we can do it again in the future. We are thinking about having a party for the premiere of "The Office" next week. Not sure of the logistics of it yet, but it's our favorite show and many others' as well. Can't wait to see it!

It's finally cooler weather now. Not sure it's it a fluke or if it's hear to stay. Either way I am glad for the break. Yeah for jeans! I actually put socks on Seth when he went to bed tonight. It's also starting to get dark out pretty early, around 7:30. That part of the hot summer I do miss...light. Soon it will be dark when school lets out. Enjoying the daylight while it lasts.

Onto another busy week!


Julie said...

Glad you survived the weekend without Kevin... I tried calling a couple of times but didn't get you. Missed you for another creative time! Soon... and when does the office start back up?

Stefanie said...

Oh the Office...still confused about that one...