Thursday, September 13, 2007

a few pictures

We only were able to get the pictures off of one of our cameras. The other one requires another adaptor, and we only have one currently. We took tons of video and other pictures with that camera, so it'll be awhile before we will be able to share those, unless someone wants to send us another adaptor! JK. But enjoy these in the meantime! We'll take more pictures with our old camera until we can get what we need.

So this is Buda Castle (Buda Vár). This is where we were at for our wine festival. This picture was taken across the Danube (Duna) River from the Pest side. It's so beautiful all lit up at night.

We took this picture from the castle on the Buda side looking back over the Danube to the Pest side. This is my absolute favorite bridge. It's so pretty all lit up at night. Two lions guard the bridge entrance on either side. Tradition says that the man who designed it was brilliant and a perfectionist. He was so proud of his work until someone informed him that the lions didn't have any tongues. The man was so distraught that he jumped off the bridge and killed himself. I don't know if that's true, but I've heard that many times from many different people and sources. There is a rough etching of a tongue in the lions' mouths now, but not sure if that was added later or really was there when he designed it. By the way, Hungary has the highest suicide rate in the world per capita. So sad.

Besides wine, there was food to eat. I tried a few things to eat since I couldn't participate in the wine tasting, and here is the Hungarian goulash cooking (one of the foods Hungary is known for). This was in one of the courtyards at the castle, and everything in the castle district is cobblestone. So beautiful!

We went to the wine festival and met up with two other couples. We went ahead and bought all of the "tickets" needed, which come with your own wine glass and info cards. Kevin really isn't a drunk. :)
We are headed to a staff retreat in the Hungarian countryside, so no school tomorrow for us. I hear it's beautiful! Have a great weekend!


Kristin said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! It is absolutely beautiful.

Aimee said...

These shots are amazing!! They look like shots from a magazine or something - must have been quite a sight :) I'm glad you guys are finding your way around pretty well and making tons of great friends. We continue to pray for you, Kevin, & baby Yaiko each day. I love reading the updates on this blog. Thanks for being so diligent in posting!! :) We love you guys!