Wednesday, December 19, 2012

consistent in inconsistencies

While the title of my post was not initially said of my blogging skills, it does refer to them as well. Remember that first year or two where I blogged all the time? Hard to remember. :) I've blogged about it now and why the less frequent blogging as life has gone on these last 6 years. So yes, I am consistent in my inconsistent blogging. (And in communication in general!) I apologize. :)

That comment, however, was initially made in reference to our dealings with governmental affairs here. And while I am sure it is true of every government on the face of the earth, it is this one that I am now most familiar. But as they say, all's well that ends well, right? It is just never without adventure. And, oh yeah, lots of inconsistencies! And this time it was all over a sticker for our license plate that cost approximately $14. So grateful for my dear friend Timi who spent nearly an entire day with me and helping me do this, due to my great lack of Hungarian in this realm.

But right now I feel like life is happening all around me and that I am on the outside of it and just watching it go on around me. This is not because I don't want to be a part of life, just the way it seems to be happening. Perhaps it's because I feel so overwhelmed by all I have been learning this semester in Ephesians. I have blogged about that a few times, but this past week we finished up the book with ending with the armor of God. And once again, John MacArthur's sermons on these were so powerful and shed so much light into all of that. A whole new understanding for me, and I feel like I have had to step outside of life to really understand and contemplate these things.

Recently I had been asked to do a very menial task that was inconsequential to most, and I was bothered about this thing I had been asked to do and did not want to do it. And then Kevin so graciously suggested that I do it for the Lord and not anyone else. And we have discussed this in Ephesians, too. Oh the sinful and selfish nature of our souls is a constant battle. A good reminder that we are to do ALL things unto him. And thankful for a husband who loves me enough to tell me that.

Two weeks ago a family from our home church in Ohio lost their five year old son in a car accident caused by a drunk driver in the middle of the afternoon. And then last week with the tragic loss of life in Connecticut, well, I feel my heart is heavy and burdened for all of these families. Our kids had a couple of rough days with getting along and behaving and obeying. And while I was frustrated with this happening time and time again, I found myself thanking the Lord through all of the small battles. Amazing the perspective we have suddenly.

My prayer is that my perspective would be one that is always focused on eternity. I wish I could say that it was all the time, but it's not. Sometimes it takes your own just-turned-five year old son to remind you of some of these things. And of course it's always at bedtimes. :)

Lots more to catch up on here as we had quite an eventful November. And some pictures too. But that will have to be for another night.

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