Wednesday, August 15, 2012

zoo keepers in training

 Another catch up post from the summer...

We went to the Erie Zoo while visiting Horsey Grandma and Tractor Grandpa. Kate was most interested in running around and eating.

Seth of course was interested in the animals. I don't think he stopped looking at them or talking about them the whole time (other than when he had a meltdown at one point!). He even had a rather long conversation with one of the zoo keepers. Too cute. :) They have a "zoo keepers in training" sort of program for kids. I told him that we'd ship him there for a summer to work. He loved that idea.

The kids also took a couple rides on the merry-go-round. Seth held onto his zoo map the whole day, even on the carousel.

There are many animals you can touch at the Budapest Zoo, so the kids are bummed at other zoos in the US that don't allow you to touch the animals. But Seth still stuck his hand in where he could, which was only near the petting area of the zoo anyway. :) 

Kate also reached her hand in where she could but not to pet the animals. She would play in any of those little water misters she could.

He was too cute not to take a picture of!

We ended the day by going into the gift shop of course. Kate picked out his zoo keeper book and sat down on the bench outside to "read" it immediately. She loves to read and always has to "read" the book first and then will ask us to read it afterwards. She has memorized several books as well. I hope she always loves to read!

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