Sunday, August 12, 2012

an end in london and new beginnings in budapest

So I must say that I am sad the Olympics are over. I have never watched so much streaming television in my life, and I have LOVED watching these world class athletes compete to become THE best in the world. AH! So exciting. I have also never yelled at the television as much as I have in these last two weeks. Screaming to swim faster or run faster. Yelling in excitement and getting choked up at parts, too. I know, I'm crazy. :) I think we watched at least one event in almost every sport. Anyway, I look forward to 2016 and watching again and cheering again. Seth asked when the "lympics" would be on again, and I told him that he would be 8 years old. I'm not ready for him to be 8, so I guess I can wait for another summer Olympics to come. :)

And Seth suddenly had a love for the American marathon runner Ryan Hall. "When I grow up, I want to be like that guy and love Jesus and be a really fast runner." We love that Ryan Hall is a believer and open about his faith in Jesus Christ! Seth was excited to watch him run the marathon today, but we were sad to hear he had to drop out at mile 10 due to hamstring issues. The funny thing is that Ryan Hall is Kevin's doppelganger. He (Kevin obviously) is pretty tired of hearing about it now, but it's true! And my sister has met Ryan Hall in real life and chatted with him and said they do in fact look a lot alike. It just cracks me up as people have been telling Kevin that recently!

And in other news, two new TeachBeyond teammates arrived here in Hungary on Friday. Oh, how I still well remember those beginning days, the emotions all over the place, feeling overwhelmed, the strange smells and not understanding anything, just wishing for "home" and "normal." And exhaustion. I'm not just talking jetlag or from being pregnant (as I was 6 months pregnant when we moved here!), but sheer exhaustion from being overwhelmed about everything, having to make a million decisions at once, etc. People deal with these new things in different ways, and we desire to be a help in any way we can. That has looked very different from one person to the next. But for now, I can offer food at my house, rides to the store, help in reading labels (to the best of my poor Hungarian speaking ability!), or even a shoulder to cry on. I hope never to forget those new feelings because then it's hard to actually be a help. I cannot anticipate every need nor can I meet all of their needs, but if I remember the beginning, I can at least know some ways to help or offer it.

So be praying for the transition for each new person who comes to ICSB this year. Some have just arrived and others are still raising support. Some are encouraged to be here in time for school, and others are discouraged to think of not having the financial support to come in time for school to start. The Lord knows all of this, and he is at work in each of us. He knows our needs, and we trust in his perfect timing, even if it doesn't match up with what we think it should be. God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

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