Thursday, August 16, 2012

blueberry picking

We also got to go blueberry picking with Horsey Grandma! They were super excited and had a great time...minus the heat.

Brilliant idea by Horsey Grandma to tie buckets around their waists! Seth worked hard to pick berries with us. :)

Love his face!

Kate spent most of her time near Kevin because he seemed to pick blueberries faster, which meant that she could eat more. :)

Shortly before we were going to head home, Kate decided she was too hot, so she plopped down in the shade with the bucket and just ate to her heart's content. And when she was finished, she dumped the remaining blueberries out of the bucket because (she told us) she couldn't eat them all and was full. She didn't quite get the point of picking of course! We tried to pick up as many as we could since she dumped half the bucket out. But she certainly loves blueberries, and we all had a fun time!

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