Monday, August 20, 2012

barn boy and water girl

The "barn boy" worked hard this summer and earned a good allowance for his chores! But he would have done it without pay. He LOVES working in the barn, be it scooping up horse poop, shoveling sawdust, or helping with any of the other numerous chores. Horsey Grandma gets up super early in the morning to do chores and then does them again at night. Due to the time, Seth helped only in the evening...well, except for our last day there because he was up and ready to go early to do chores one last time. :) He is seriously precious when it comes to helping Horsey Grandma take care of her horses!

 Kate on the other hand was much more interested in climbing the fence or watering the plants and flowers. She helped both Horsey Grandma and Chocolate Grandma water a lot this summer since it was so dry. (No fear, pictures at my parents will be coming! I am just going in order of when they were taken.)


Kate also took numerous breaks to drink from the hose...or squirt whoever was around if they weren't paying attention. ;)

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