Monday, September 5, 2011

új fánk

They have these "new" things called "fánk" here, or as we like to call them "doughnuts" in English. I would see some random ones at Tesco here and there, but now they have a whole new baked goods section at the big Tesco in Budaörs where they are selling doughnuts, cookies, and a few other things. They have signs next to almost everything in that section saying "új!", meaning that they are new. (This IS very new for here!) So we decided to get a couple to try today.

As you can see, Kate thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate topping on her doughnut...and that was about it since she stopped eating it after that part was gone. :) Seth took two bites and decided he didn't like it. And I have to agree with him. It was so bitter! Not what I was expecting. Oh well. We like to try new things, and we'll keep trying!

P.S. Chocolate Grandma and Grandpa are my parents. Kevin's parents are Horsey Grandma and Grandpa. And let it be known that the kids came up with those names themselves towards the end of our summer back home. Ha!


Doug said...

Chocolate grandpa would like to go on record stating that the two Grandmas earned those nicknames - not the grandpas!!!!

mom said...

Oh my, this made me laugh! Chocolate Grandma wishes she was eating a doughnut right along with those two precious kiddos!