Tuesday, September 6, 2011

it's not about me

Sometimes God asks us to do things we really don't feel like doing, but we still obey. I find myself in that situation too often...obeying despite not having the "happy, submissive spirit" about obeying. And God is still gracious and loving. Sometimes I don't get to see the fruit of my obedience (which is okay because that's not why we are called to obey)...but other times we do. I am grateful today to be encouraged by doing what I was told and being able to encourage someone else in turn by that act of obedience. Does that even make sense? Life is not about me, and I am glad for the reminder. :)


Doug said...

As Francis Chan said "You are not the star of the movie!" One of your mom's favorite quotes... Love you. Dad

Julie said...

Amen! I am feeling that right now... I do not want to go to the gym! :) When can we hang out? Are you coming on Sat? I hope so!!!