Monday, April 18, 2011

spring break

This weekend started spring break! Kevin is home until the Tuesday after Easter. Yeah!

So after Friday night's pizza and poker game, Kevin played volleyball on Saturday. It was a fun little tournament where you could make your own teams. Zsolt played!

Champions (L to R): Jake, Jessica, Janie, Tina, Tom, Kevin, and Zsolt

And most importantly, because nothing is ever "just for fun," they took first place. :) The other time they did this tournament, Kevin's team also won. He is just THAT good. ;) We watched until nap time and then watched afterwards as well. Seth and Kate love playing in that gym. Someone told me that I will have two little athletes in the house for sure.

And big news (for us at least)! Kate actually got down and played in the nursery at church yesterday. She used to cry almost the whole time, and someone had to hold her the entire time while she sucked her fingers. In the last 6 weeks or so, she has only cried for a little bit but still needed to be held. (They have to make sure they have an extra worker in there just for her!) Last week when I went to get her, I could tell that she hadn't been crying, and they said she didn't at all! And then yesterday when I picked her up, she was playing with the little kitchenette...and no one was holding her!!! I couldn't believe it. She even said "thank you" and "buh-bye" to the nursery workers when we left. A huge thanks to those girls who have held her for months and didn't give up or come get me after 5 minutes...which is what always happened with Seth. Now we'll see what happens when we're home this summer and at different people's houses and churches all of the time. :)

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