Wednesday, April 20, 2011

perfect weather

We have had a really nice spring break thus far. It's always fun to have Kevin home for a week.

Monday we stayed home mostly and played outside. I don't want to rub it in or anything to our dear family and friends who are experiencing yucky temperatures (that are sure not to last as it is the latter half of April!), but we have been blessed with beautiful blue skies and warm sunshine in the 70's. Couldn't be any better! (Everyone in Hungary can thank me for not taking the down comforter out of our duvet. The second I do, it will turn cold and snow, and thus, I sweat in bed every night for you all.)

Yesterday morning Seth and I went over to the Rickard's house so that he and Ethan could play and Kim and I could talk. :) It worked out well because Kevin stayed at home while Kate napped, and the boys played well together at their house.

After that, we went bowling with the Myers. They are our bowling buddies, well, they are much more than that but we like to bowl with them. :) I forgot my camera, but it was a momentous occasion as Seth got his first strike ever! He throws the bowling ball, and it rolls ever so slightly down the lane that you think it'll never reach the pins. But alas, it always does and even knocked them all down yesterday. He was super excited. And even though I injured my knee, I managed to get a couple of strikes, too, which is pretty rare so that was exciting for me. :) And bowling with the Myers always includes McDonald's for lunch afterwards. Fun, fun day!

Today included a trip to a new park not far from here. It has lots of space to play and several playground pieces as well. We packed a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon with the Lang's enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I hardly saw Seth at all as he was always running somewhere, and Kate had fun playing in the sand, going down the slide, and looking for rocks. For some reason, she loves to find big rocks and carry them around with her.

"Hi, Mom!"

Playing in the sand and holding a bocce ball since she didn't have a rock to hold yet ;)

Guys hunt for the missing jack for bocce ball...and the only shot of Seth I got!

By the time I got the camera to take a picture of Kate going down the slide, she decided she was all done. So Kevin took her down one last time so that we could go home for naps.

The evening ended with dinner at a school family's house. We got to have fried chicken! Yum! Seth loved it. I was supposed to go to book club after dinner, but we were in the middle of a rousing game of "Chicken Foot" so I couldn't leave in the middle and ended up missing it. Oops! But we had such a nice time with this family. Thank you, Adams family!


Mom Y. said...

Your weather does make me jealous ... barely 40 degrees here with cold wind and rain. Thanks for posting - knew you had a fun week planned and was hoping you would share how it was going.

Stefanie Schocke said...

Chicken foot?

Boo Kevin cut his hair :(;