Friday, February 18, 2011

week in pictures

This week was super busy with life in general and adding a third kid to the mix for a few days. But here are some pictures...

New bath towels for Valentine's Day from Grandma and Grandpa D!

Such a sweetie pie...and a stinker all at once :)

In two seconds flat, anything in our house could be destroyed between the three kiddos. This time it was Ethan's suitcase completely emptied...within minutes of him being dropped off at our house!

Ethan's baby sister was born on his actual birthday, so we decided we had to do something to celebrate his birthday since his parents and baby sister were at the hospital for his second birthday.

The kids enjoyed an afternoon snack of popcorn on the floor while the basketball players filled our living room to hang out and watch the game. They seemed to enjoy having the whole crew over, so long as they got some snacks, too. ;)

In an attempt to encourage Seth along in the potty training business, we let him pick out whatever toilet he wanted, and he chose white because "Mom and Dad's potty is white." He has yet to sit on it, let alone even want to sit on it. But Kate loves it. She drags it out of the bathroom into the living room every day and plops herself on it and swings her legs while smiling and jabbering away. I am pretty sure she'll go on there before Seth ever will. Potty training this boy is going to be the death of me.

They (usually) play so well together. You can see how happy Kate is. :)

Have a great weekend!


Doug said...

Thanks for the pics! Love seeing them!

Magyar Journey said...

Precious pictures! I didn't realize Kim's new one was born on Ethan's birthday! That makes two ICSB (or former ICSB) families that have multiple children on the same b-day. Interesting...

Michelle and Justin said...

Love these pics Kristen!

Doug said...

As I look aat that picture of Kate all I could think of is a little bug in a rug!