Wednesday, February 23, 2011

hump day

I have now started my fifth year of blogging. Seriously, I have been blogging for four solid years. I went back and looked through the first few months of posts. I never expected to still be living here four years ago, nor having had two children here. But God is in the business of doing things His perfect way and not our sinful way. :)

I have also been frustrated with myself in rereading posts from four years ago and feeling like I am still struggling with so many of the same issues. What is my problem?! But after some very encouraging talks with my mom and Kevin's mom, I realized that I have grown in those areas, even though I may still struggle. I do look forward to being made perfect in Christ in heaven. I get goose bumps trying to comprehend it all!

Kevin's mom also shared with me a list about motivations for serving that her friend Debbie shared from Cynthia Heald's Becoming a Woman of Purpose. Great things to think about and ponder.

A Servant who Reverences God:
1. Fixes her eyes on her Master.
2. Is secure because of the consistency of Christ.
3. Serves out of a desire to give.
4. Is free to serve, expecting nothing.
5. Asks: How can I show Jesus how much I love Him?


A Servant who does not Reverence God:
1. Fixes her eyes on herself and people.
2. Is insecure because of the inconsistency of people.
3. Serves out of a desire to receive.
4. Is in bondage to perform, demanding acceptance.
5. Asks: How can I show people how lovable I am?

I have been thinking a lot about these individual points, and I am going to be keeping those tucked in the back of my mind. I want to be a servant who reverences God! Oh so hard to not let my sinfulness get in the way!

And on a completely different note...the Middle East and North Africa?! HOLY COW! So much going on. I'm trying to keep up with it all, but something new is happening there every day. I was in third grade when communism fell in 1989, and I wonder then if people were just in shock over all that was happening in this part of the world. I just remember a few details here and there, but obviously, my third grade mind had no comprehension as to what was going on. What an exciting (albeit scary!) time!

Oh, and the kids are sick. :( It's coughs and runny noses, nothing like it was from August to December with puking and everything else. I am praising the Lord that they are still sleeping through the night. Seth has been waking up really early because of his cough, but it hasn't disturbed either of them from their other sleep time. Seth has been awfully cranky though, and Kate's mood just depends. She will be really happy and pleasant but then whining about something else the next minute. I realize that goes with the territory of sick toddlers (Is Seth now considered a preschooler or what? I have been wondering.), but I look forward to having my happy, healthy kiddos back.

It's Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) at ICSB this week. So if it comes to mind during the last two days of this week, say a prayer for these kids at school. The Lord is always at work!

Glad tomorrow is Thursday. Happy hump day to all. :)

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Great Post. Keep striving!