Friday, February 25, 2011

one can hope

So yesterday did not go as planned. Well, I didn't have anything really planned, but Seth ended up puking numerous times. The day was reminiscent of this fall with his coughing and vomiting. He hadn't really slept the night before (Hadn't I JUST said that despite all of their sickness in recent months that they were still always sleeping well?!) and was super crabby. I had planned on making muffins, and he was upset that I wouldn't let him help because of his hacking. He practically fell asleep standing on the chair watching me mix all of the ingredients. And Kate was playing quietly and ended up lying down on the floor in the living room trying to keep her eyes open. And this was all before 1:00 in the afternoon, and they usually don't nap until 2:00. Up to bed we went. And then that's when Seth got sick multiple times.

Kids finally were in bed and asleep within minutes, and I was scrubbing the wall and stairs where Seth had gotten sick (#2 of 6 for the day, and by the way, you can't just clean the walls actually scrub the paint off and are still left with shadows of residue). Kevin came home to get a quick bite to eat and saw me scrubbing and told me that I had to get out of the house for some time away. Usually I am not the type to do that sort of thing, but I did last night. Allie had texted and told me that she'd meet me anywhere if I needed to get away, so I wrote her back and said YES!

I ended up going to school for an hour to help someone with something and then picked up Audrey as she was waiting at the bus stop to head back into the city for the night. I knew I was going to her neighborhood and offered her a ride. Audrey, Allie, and I ended up sitting and chatting last night over dinner in the food court and coffee for hours. It was wonderful. So encouraging to be with other Godly women and talk all sorts of things from fun stuff to theology, politics, and literature (although me not to much on the literature as I am way too mathematical to understand all of that symbolism junk).

And today has been better (except for losing power for awhile and having no idea why...sometimes they do have scheduled times where they turn off utilities but I had no clue as to why we lost power today). Seth isn't coughing nearly as much and hasn't even come close to throwing up. I honestly think he was so focused on the tickle in his throat that he coughed more than necessary, which got harder as he coughed and thus making him throw up. Too many details I'm sure. But the point being that I wasn't worried about his sickness. I kept trying to distract him, knowing that he would stop thinking about it all...but he didn't want to be distracted. And Kate is MUCH happier today and hasn't really coughed at all, just still a runny nose. But with this improvement, I'm thinking that they actually will get better! One can hope. :)

Michelle and William also stopped by today to visit and brought us kürtös kalács. It was a special treat (not just the sweet dough but their visit, too!), and now kids are napping. Well, I think they are now that I no longer hear Kate yelling "all done" in her crib. :)

One of these days I'm going to share a bunch of articles that I have read recently that have been really encouraging to me as a mom. I attended a "Moms Morning Out" last Saturday, and they talked about some of the same things I have been reading and pondering. I felt that the Lord was directly speaking to me and encouraging me in my job as a wife and mother and just how insanely important that job is. But that will have to be a whole other post. You know I can ramble. :)


Doug said...

I hope you were thinking of me when you were eating your kürtös kalács!

leah said...

Hey Dear! I've been thinking of you. Usually around 4, so too late to call! I'm glad you were able to get some girlfriend time. Those poor babies and getting sick! I love that Kate yells all done! Too cute!

Jessica Heights said...

I hope your little guy feels better soon!