Monday, September 27, 2010

i had fun, mom

So Seth and I did end up going downtown on Saturday. Kevin had a ton of work to do for grad school and for teaching, so I figured that taking Seth out of the house while Kate was napping would help him. We ended up being out longer than I had anticipated, but we had a good time together. Well, for the most part, you know, until Seth's behavior went downhill the closer we approached nap time. :) I wish I would have remembered the camera. There would have been so many great pictures! Ugh.

We met up with Audrey and went to get a few things I needed down there. Unfortunately, my favorite store closed. There is another one in a mall on the Buda side, but this store seemed to have more. (I should probably go to the mall and make sure it's still there!) I did get a table though on Saturday. It's not a big table, more the size of an end table but a little taller. Anyway, I got it for free! How? It was the fall trash day in Audrey's neighborhood. I didn't know it but realized when I was driving around trying to find a parking spot. Another reason why I wish I would have had my camera.

[Where I would insert a picture of how crazy it is.]

There is usually a trash day in the fall and one in the spring. It's a day where you can put out ANYTHING you want to throw away and they will haul it away. The piles of junk every building or two are immense. It appears that a lot of people put it in new windows this year because there were a ton of old ones in the piles. I actually grabbed a decent looking one of those. I have an idea for it, but I'm not sure if it will work. But it was free. :) And I can put it out on our trash day this spring if I realize I can't do with it what I want! I am now working on trying to make the table work for what I need. We shall see.

We rode public downtown, and although Seth has ridden it many times before, it had been a LONG time since he had been on a tram or anything. He really liked it and almost had a meltdown when we were done riding. It was amazing how quickly some elderly woman jumped up in the crowded tram to make sure Seth had a seat. I was touched, even though I had prepared him to have to stand and hold on to the railing. The seat was better though. We did take the metro for one short stop as well. I'm not sure which he liked better. On the way home I asked him if he had fun riding the tram and the metro, and he of course said yes. And then he added, "And seeing Uncle Audrey, too. I had fun, Mom." Precious.

(My dear friend Audrey is "uncle" only because her last name means uncle in Dutch. We all know that she is a female, and we often forget that this title doesn't make sense to anyone else but us. So I'm just clarifying.)

Kevin worked really hard this weekend on getting his work done. He was invited to go hiking and climbing up in Slovakia with Zsolt and a bunch of other Hungarian guys. I am always touched by Zsolt's thoughtfulness for our family. Kevin wanted to go! When else is he going to have a chance like this? But he had a huge project for grad school due this weekend on top of his normal school work, and they wouldn't be getting home until late Sunday night, which would not give him enough time to do what he needed. I was bummed for him, but I know he made the right choice.

And now I reward you for reading all of that with two pictures, both from last week that I meant to post then:

Seth is showing off his kürtős kalács there. It's a wonderful Hungarian treat that they make on Fridays here in Diósd. YUM!


Stefanie Schocke said...

SHe is so cute! But where is her hair?! Don't worry, when I was 1 I had very little hair...and look how thick it is now!

leah said...

Miss Miss Miss you guys! Eat one of those kurtos things for me! I was totally craving ...oh no i forget what it was called....the pastry place the other day. Did you make Kate's flower headband? I haven't blogged in forever because I have been crafting as well. I'm ssooo excited to see and hear about all of yours. Hmmm... to long for a comment, I should just email!! No, I'll call tomorrow morning! Love ya!