Friday, September 24, 2010

another random post

Blogging has been neglected for awhile, so I thought I would just catch up on some random things.

I decided that I was going to eat vegetables at all three meals each day for a couple weeks. (Clarification: not JUST vegetables.) I love fruit and some veggies, but I definitely do poorly on eating the recommended portion of the vegetables. I have almost finished week one. Yeah for me. I think part of my problem is that I usually just steam them and don't add anything like butter or salt, neither of which I like much. So they just seem bland. I found a few new veggie recipes I hope to try this week and maybe make vegetables more appealing. :)

The Hungarians are tickled pink when they see Seth riding his tractor around town, especially when he is pulling Kate in the back. (No worries grandmas! The wagon is secured on there, and we are always right by just in case.) Kate thoroughly enjoys the ride, and Seth doesn't mind lugging her around, except up hills. ;) Seth has ridden it all around town and even has driven it to Interspar (the grocery store) a couple times! He is actually quite a good little "driver." Too cute!

The weather has been GORGEOUS! Around 70 degrees and beautiful blue skies and sunshine! We have played outside and been on walks every single day this week. We have been to school most days to visit Kevin...and Uncle Audrey, too! On one of our walks, I just barely missed running over horse poop in the middle of the road. Seth was quite enthralled with this and has been sharing this detail with several people. I hadn't seen any horses in town (we literally live in the center of Diósd now)...until today.

That explains the poop.

Seth and Kate get along and play so well together. Of course there are times when they get annoyed with each other, but that isn't the norm. It's precious. I love that I can get some things done while they play together. Kate is particularly fond of playing with things that have wheels. That would mean the majority of Seth's Legos, Matchbox, or Little People things. It's amazing how suddenly he "was playing with that" when she picks it up! :)

Kate is jabbering away all the time. She says a few words here and there but understands a lot more than I realize. She does not like to be told no, especially when it is in reference to her putting too much food in her mouth! She out-eats her brother most of the time, but she must be growing or maybe it's all of her moving around (she doesn't crawl but scoots everywhere) because she is looking a lot thinner to me, mainly in her arms and legs. She is such a sweetie pie. (And no, she's not a princess!)

Seth makes us laugh. A LOT. He says the funniest things. He seems to know how to say some adult type sarcastic remark at just the right moment. I'm not even going to point the finger at who taught him these things. I have recently had to have a conversation with him about not calling something "lame," even though I realize he is correct. I wish I wrote down everything he said. Oh, and he likes to do stories at bedtime. I'm not talking about reading stories but telling stories. Kevin started this with him, and I had to learn what it meant for when I tuck him in. One of the stories is often about a bird named Steve. And Steve ALWAYS dies at the end. Should I be worried?

And the kid is always running, jumping, "chopping" or throwing something, or sliding into something. He is all boy.
And never runs out of energy.
Like his parents do.

I spent way too much time browsing the blogland and got so much more inspiration for some more projects. One of the things is something I actually thought about myself for a coat hook, and so it was fun to see that the idea I had could actually turn out. But we shall see. Like I said before, I love a good project or two.

I learned that the IKEA plastic containers shatter when they break. Good to know.

My parents come three weeks from tomorrow!!! I am so excited! It'll be eleven months since we saw them last...when Kate was born...when we were all sick. Horrible. Not them being here but us all being sick. I can't believe that Kate will be a year old in less than two months. Where did the time go?!

Speaking of Kate turning one, I have been debating about what to do for the kids' birthdays this year. We will be celebrating a month early while my parents are here, but as to when their actual birthdays roll around in November, I'm not sure. I could get on my soap box about my thoughts about birthdays, but I won't bore you...or bother you if we disagree. :)

Okay, enough blogging for tonight. Seth and I might be headed downtown in the morning to go get something. He will enjoy riding public.

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Stefanie Schocke said...

Look at that little princess...awww... :)

Love the picture of her with the bow and her mouth open.

Seth takes after his cousin. I finally went and bought a foam sword so he wouldn't put anymore holes in my wall!

I saw a cute birthday thing for Kate...I'll send you a picture.

I'm blogging again...but it really is only about running (for myself to keep track of).