Tuesday, August 17, 2010

what's this?

(Eden eating a burrito from Arriba!)

Why yes, it IS a video! :)

Matt took this while we had a picnic dinner in Varos Liget (the city park) downtown in front of the baths.

Why is Seth wearing one of Kevin's t-shirts with a hair tie wrapped around the back of the neck of the shirt? Glad you asked.

He puked all over in the car just minutes before. He was talking and started coughing and then puked. And he had just eaten a banana.

Anyone who knows me knows that bananas are my least favorite thing in the whole entire world. I can gag and vomit even at the smell of them. But God gave me the strength to get through that puke clean up! We didn't have any extra clothes for him though (anyone else still carry around extra clothes when your kid will be 3 in a few months?!), so Kevin gave him his undershirt. Leah had an extra hair tie to help it stay on him.

And as you can see, Seth was feeling just fine and dandy after that. He was running around and having a good time. Did you notice him playing "baseball" in there, swinging the imaginary bat and running the bases? He is so happy when he can run around and play. :)

Little did we know that "freak" puke episode of the night was just the beginning. He is still trying to recover, has been on antibiotics, and now we just have to let this virus "run its course." Ugh.

But this outfit he wore the rest of the night was hilarious. I bet that if I sat on the street with a box asking for money that people would have given us some.

We went to...

Heroes' Square and...

St. Stephen's Basilica...

...that night when it was dark and all lit up...so pretty! Everyone just looked at us though and people chuckled at Seth walking around like that. He didn't notice or mind, and we all kept laughing. He's a trooper. :)


Stefanie Schocke said...

Eden is quite cute!

Seth looks hilarious! I love the dress on him :) Cute to watch him "play" baseball.

Michelle and Justin said...

Seth looks like an angel with deformed wings. Just intial thought...:) Sorry he's been feeling bad!

Kelly said...

I will admit to carrying clothes for Madi still, but that's due to the occasional potty training accident. We have been known to use plastic bags tied around necks for bibs on a few occasions.

Doug said...

So do they still have St Stephen's hand in the special case in the church?