Wednesday, August 18, 2010

heard from seth

I'll get back to posting about our time with the Hecht's (and pictures) soon, but I have to tell you some things Seth said today that made us laugh...

"This is so awesome!" (referring the to the "bubble sword" that came in a package today)

"This is the greatest drink ever!" (referring to water with gas when we were buying some at the grocery store...yes, my kid is growing up in Europe if his beverage of choice is "bubbly water")

"You have got to be kidding me!" (upon seeing how large the mess of Lego's was on the living room floor when he was told that he needed to clean them up)

The kid talks non-stop. I know I am to blame, and although I do thoroughly enjoy it MOST of the time, there are moments when I wish I could have some peace and quiet. As we were pulling into the grocery store this afternoon, I looked back and saw that Seth had fallen asleep. I told Kevin, and he said, "I assumed so since it had been quiet for a few moments." I tried the "quiet game" once with him, and after 10 seconds, he informed me that he didn't like it. :) Love that kid so much!

cheesy smile for the camera with his new PEZ dispenser

playing with the new "awesome" bubble sword

He was really into trying to chop things up with the sword.

Kate enjoying her new toy without her brother trying to grab it from her to show her how it works

Playing outside while the boys washed the car this afternoon


Stefanie Schocke said...

So sweet :)

Michelle and Justin said...

LOVE these "words of Seth"...I just know that I'll be shocked when I see how big he's grown AND how much he's talking. :)