Wednesday, August 11, 2010

meeting the girls

Eden was born just a few days after we left Matt and Leah's house last summer, so we were meeting her for the first time last week. They obviously had not met Kate either, so it was fun to see each other's daughters!

Eden was passed out when they came off the plane, and we were so happy that she slept and did so well on the flights!

That first night we took them to get ice cream from a local place and then went to go sign some papers for the new house we are going to move into at the end of August.

Kate tries a little ice cream from the Osváth Cukrászda for the first time. She liked it, no, loved it. :)

Just look at how precious she is!!!!!! And for the record, I am only slightly jealous of her hair. ;)

Here are the kids checking out all the rocks at the new place!

We didn't plan a lot the first couple days because of jetlag and not knowing how Eden would adjust especially. We went to the park, ate food from a few different places, and did a little shopping around town. It was nice and relaxed!

Seth got some Silly Bands, or whatever they're called. His were animal shapes, but we still can't figure out one of them! He has enjoyed them. :)

I have more pictures of the kids playing at a park that are just adorable (of course!), but they won't upload. So sad. I will have to try uploading more pictures another time. I am frustrated so best to try again later.


Julie said...

those silly bands are so funny. We went to SpeakOut and some of the students gave some to the boys and now Eli has 3 and jasper 1. They are such a huge hit apparently. For reasons like this it is nice living over here! lol. So sorry Seth is ill!

Leah said...

You've inspired me...I'm on the internet right now to menu plan for the week and find some good recipes! I am just now started to blog about our trip, I had to catch up and do things in order! LOVE the pics! and Love your kids!