Friday, August 20, 2010


Today, I was given some wisdom and encouragement in one great area I struggle to find balance in. This person put it so plainly that it made sense, and I know I will keep that tidbit in my mind next time I am struggling to figure out what to do in this situation...that I seem to find myself in quite frequently.

It feels like this weight on my heart got a little lighter. It's not completely gone, and I don't think it ever will be. But I find myself feeling less stressed in my worry over these matters. Yes, I worry and stress about the worry and stress I have over this matter.

It's because I am conscientious and OCD. It's because I care. It's because I want to be a good steward of the things the Lord has given to me, to us. Sometimes I wish I didn't care. Things might be a lot easier. :) But not caring isn't good either.

And on a completely separate and unrelated note, I am baking a raspberry pie in honor of my dad's 56th birthday today! Happy Birthday to the best dad in the whole world! I love you!

Side note: Today is Hungary's national holiday, celebrating Szent István (King Stephen), the first king who "founded" this country as a Christian nation over one thousand years ago. It's quite a spectacular day with an air show, fireworks, and all sorts of patriotic festivities going on. I remember when Nusi was living at our house my senior year of high school and telling us about the day and my dad telling her that although she thought they were celebrating Szent István all these years, they were in actuality celebrating his birth. :) It is at Szent István Bazilika in Budapest where you can see his mummified fist. I have taken many pictures of this over the years, the most recent on Matt and Leah's visit. :)

And just for laughs...
Yes, Seth is wearing his winter boots! Why, I don't know.

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