Saturday, August 21, 2010

family pics

We took these in Vienna, obviously. Thought I would share a few family pics of us and of our favorite a few adorable ones of precious Eden in the gardens on the palace grounds. :)

(Had I realized that we would take some family pictures, I would have worn nice clothes! That will teach me for dressing comfortably for travel and a zoo visit! Live and learn I guess.)

none of us looking where we should be :)

at least Kevin is paying attention

third time's the charm!

a little love from Mom for Eden :)

Love and miss them!

beautiful family :)

Look, Mom!

What an adorable face!

Our most precious goddaughter!


Leah said...

oh, it only looks like she is getting a little love from mommy....she's actually ripping my hair out! ouch! haha

Julie said...

You guys look great!

Stefanie Schocke said...

That Eden is so cute. I love the "grumpy" face. :)