Thursday, June 3, 2010

so much going on...random blips...

This has been one busy week. We have had something going on every single night since Kevin got home, and it continues like that until the beginning of next week. CRAZY! We have had multiple things going on some nights, too, and we just can't do it all.

But it's been fun, and Kate has been amazing. She has been out past her bedtime almost every single night this week, and she has done great. Seth was able to handle that from day one, but Kate, well, not so much. She has certainly turned on the charm and has been smiling left and right at everyone. She has even let other people hold her. YEAH! We'll see how tomorrow goes since graduation is during her morning nap time!

As I mentioned earlier, Seth gets to carry the Bible down for the graduation ceremony tomorrow. He practiced today and was fine. We'll see how it goes tomorrow with a gymnasium filled with people. We don't really care if he runs down. We just don't want him crying! So if you're up at 3 or 4 a.m. tomorrow, you can say a prayer for him...and for Audrey who is giving the commencement address! What an amazing blessing she is!

I had to bite my tongue today when someone called Kate "such a little princess." I am not a fan of that. I wasn't upset that this person did it, and I know they meant nothing by it. But I don't want her growing up being called a princess all the time. I could go on quite awhile about my reasons for this, but I will spare you all. You can thank me later. :)

Our car has had lots of difficulty running this week. Balazs told us that if we have trouble to give the gas tank a couple of really good kicks in the middle and maybe rock the car a bit. So far that has done the trick, but I refuse to go anywhere without Kevin in the car with me just in case I can't get it started (unless it's to school) and get stranded somewhere with the kids. The Lord has certainly blessed us with that car, and we are so grateful for it (and for the Nickle's who gave it to us!).

I got in the car this morning to drive the kids down to school for graduation practice, and as usual (in the last couple weeks) we prayed aloud that the car would start, especially since I was by myself. Walking to school is an option of course, but not when it's raining or when you were supposed to be there 5 minutes ago. But it started right up, and again, we thanked the Lord. A few hours later when I was driving it back home for nap time and Kevin stayed at school to work, the car started up with no problem. And before I could even say anything, Seth said, "Kranks Jesus our car working!" Certainly blessed my heart!

We went to the US Embassy earlier this week to turn in the pages upon pages of paperwork to make Kate an official American citizen! $150 later and another trip to the Embassy next week, and she will be official. :)

The weather has been stinky all week. It has been raining on and off and quite chilly. I swear Seth has jumped in any and all puddles in his line of vision. We were standing outside waiting to go into the Embassy, and I watched as he looked around to find some. He found one that practically swallowed his whole foot. I know that the people around us were enjoying watching him. I'm surprised his shoes are still holding up. He is all boy, that's for sure.

But the weather has made all of these graduation parties more difficult since we've had to be inside. And these parties are pretty much the same people just going to a new place every time. I've been glad I haven't had to cook, though! We got a sitter for one party so that we could hang out and enjoy ourselves without having to watch the kids or leave to get them in bed.

I have thoroughly enjoyed talking with so many parents at these parties as well. Some are so kind not to treat me like I'm a kid, and I appreciate that. Some of these families are so near and dear to my heart. *sigh*

And this picture was from last Friday before Kevin came home. We were outside playing, as it was much warmer then, and a family from the senior class stopped by with food for me. They heard that I liked Greek food (thanks to Audrey, I'm sure!) and brought enough food to feed a small army. And it was delicious! I was so touched by their kindness and thinking of me last week. Seth was eating a "pizza sandwich," and Kate has her eye on that. She is SO interested in food...all food...always trying to reach and grab for everyone else's food. I love the look on her face as she studies that sandwich, and no doubt wishes she was eating it. :)

And I noticed last night that her first tooth popped through! Seth was nine months old before he got his first two, so this seems early to me, even though I know it's not. It's hard not to compare them in that way. But I have been blessed with two kids who are very "easy" teethers. "Kranks Jesus!"


Magyar Journey said...

Cute picture! I love that you have them coordinated in brown. Very nice! Good luck at graduation tomorrow. If I had to guess, I'd say the danger is more that Seth will get sidetracked and talk to someone than that he will cry. :)

Stefanie said...

What?! She's not a princess?! ;)

Hope he walks tomorrow!

Audrey said...

Wow! Kranks, Jesus, for the faith of children. :)

And for dear friends.

Aimee said...

This is such a great picture of the kiddos! Kate's face is priceless :) Love all your updates! Hope the graduation ceremony went well today. Love you!