Friday, June 4, 2010

you'd think seth had graduated

Well, Seth did it! He didn't cry nor did he need either one of us to walk him down. Yeah buddy! The Bible was half his size, but he managed just fine. :) I walked him to the end of the aisle, and then he did the rest by himself, looking around and smiling at everyone. I know a bunch of people took pictures of him, so I'll steal some from others when they post them.

All morning long I heard, "Good job, Seth!" I think he was told that nearly as much as the seniors were told "Congratulations!" You would have thought it was his big day, not theirs!

It is always sad to say goodbye. It seems so much more final here since I will most likely not see most of these people I say goodbye to again. That is sad. I have just grown to love so many people. Heaven will be a wonderful place.

And couldn't help but think of Ryan today, as he passed away two years ago on the morning of our first graduation here. Sunday it will be 2 years that he's been gone. Like I said, heaven will be a wonderful place. :)

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