Sunday, May 30, 2010


A much tanner and extremely tired Kevin arrived home this morning! Seth had been running around last night practicing for his big "running hug" to give Daddy when he got home. And that's what he did when Kevin walked through the door, before he could even bring in his luggage. :)

We went to graduation party #2 tonight. We got caught in the rain on our walk home. Like I have said several times before, we are having the strangest weather!

And Seth will be going to graduation practice on Thursday afternoon. Why? Because he gets to be a part of the ceremony this year! The seniors chose Seth to be the one to carry in the Bible in the processional. How cute is that?! Kevin will most definitely have to walk with him as I believe it won't happen any other way. I thought that was so precious though. He certainly loves those "big kids," and I know they love him, too!

Onto the last week of school...

But we are most happy that Kevin is home!!!!!!!!!!!


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Post pictures of him carrying the Bible- so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin cut his hair?! BOO