Saturday, May 15, 2010

some more stones

So here is the promised update...

I had blogged a couple weeks ago in one of my "randoms" about really trying to give things over to the Lord when I get bogged down. I think about things too much, and that often tends to lead to worry and stress. I have been trying to keep an eternal perspective on things to help me realize what really is important while here on earth and how I should and want to spend my time.

I wrote out the whole story about what has been happening recently, but even though I kept most details out, it was still too long. There is value in the details (for someone like me who is detail oriented) as I want to remember all God has done and how he has been working in me. But then there are some details that just aren't for everyone to know. I honestly don't think I'll forget the details, so I will share the basics of this story, another "stone" to add to our collection of how once again God has provided for us and taken care of us. (I've talked about our stones before, so see Joshua 4 if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

Here are the basics:
Long talk with the Lord about surrendering many things to him, especially my worry over finances and things like our house and car.
Car acting funny. Take it in. Good report. Easily fixed.
Email from our current renter. He wants to BUY our house.
Two days later, our house is in contract.
That same day, our car just dies. After getting the good report.
Back and forth for a few days with Balazs who is fixing our car.
Not good reports on the car. We can't afford to buy another car.
I jokingly ask Becky if anyone is going to the States next year who might let us borrow their car. She knows of a family. I don't really think about it.
Next day that family stops by.
They hears about our car problems and want to let us borrow their car next year.
Meanwhile, I am continually surrendering each and every thing to the Lord as I worry and stress over these things. It was a moment by moment thing I had to do. You understand if you know me. :)

I realize those are strictly the basics, but you can see how God did some amazing things in the last couple weeks for us. That house has been a burden since we moved here, and yet the Lord has always provided renters. So grateful! We didn't have a car our first year and survived just fine. It would be a lot more difficult this time with two kids. I kept thinking that I would make it fine without one though. I never anticipated that the Lord could and would provide that way. I often question why God would choose to provide for us in this way when I am such a miserable sinner who constantly lets him down?! I am grateful for his mercy and grace. Grateful is an understatement. I don't deserve any of this!

So we appreciate prayers for the closing on the house. It is of course pending his loan approval and a few other details. I can honestly say that I am not worried about it at the moment, but it is something I have to continually surrender back to the Lord when I start to have those feelings. I told someone earlier this week that Kevin never stresses about these things so I tend to "double stress" to make up for his lack of it. Ha ha! I know that's ridiculous, but I am a work in progress. Praise the Lord he is not finished with me!


Leah said...

Reading your post praising Him! Eden is squealing at Kate's picture :)

Doug said...

I know I'm the grandpa and that comes with that some prejudice, but she is the cutest granddaughter!!!! Love her smile. You you all. Dad

Stefanie said...

AAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!! So precious!