Wednesday, May 19, 2010

backwards breakfast

I love having breakfast for dinner, or as others call it "backwards breakfast." We do it every Tuesday night at our house. For some reason, the students in Kevin's Algebra 2 class remember this and apparently ask and comment on it all the time. So we thought we'd have them all over on a Tuesday night to have dinner with us. This sort of thing is definitely American, and thus Kevin thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal or that the Chinese and Hungarian students wouldn't come. But last night, they all came and loved it.

We had a fun time, and I would most definitely have this group over to our house again. They were so great! So many offers to help, general politeness, and they were ever so grateful for the treat. Many of them even waited to eat until everyone was seated with their food! My faith in high school students has been restored. :)

One thing I made was Belgian waffles, thanks to a family who gave us their waffle maker when they moved back to the States last year. One of the Chinese boys said, "These are the biggest waffles I have ever seen!"

And sweet Anna held Kate for a long time. She has two twin brothers who are three years old, so she was a natural with Seth and Kate. :) What was amazing was that Kate actually let Anna hold her and didn't cry!! My baby girl is definitely in love with her mom and not a fan of others, besides her dad and brother. Thanks Anna!

If anyone has any good breakfast recipes, send them my way! I am always looking for new ones since we enjoy breakfast so much!


Julie said...

How fun! Glad you can be blessed and be such a blessing to others!

Mom Y. said...

Isn't it neat to have room at the table for so many?! So glad you have the bigger place.