Friday, May 28, 2010

finishing day 6

Well, we've almost made it! We have had mostly good days this week, praise the Lord! (But why do kids who sleep so well during the night suddenly decide when dad is away and mommy is tired that they are going to wake up throughout the night?! Seth was up 4 times last night alone!!) The weather has continued to be odd with beautiful sunny skies one minute and thunderstorms the next. We finally got to play outside for a long time this afternoon. Seth enjoyed it and didn't have a meltdown when we had to come in like I was expecting. Progress my friends.

I had last written on Sunday, reporting what a long day it had been. I think Monday was too. I don't remember. The days are blurring together. Audrey came over Monday night and has since spent the night with us every night! She has kept me company most evenings, and I have appreciated it. Kim had us over for dinner one night as well, which half way through dinner Kate decided to start screaming. I'm not talking little screams like she's hungry or antsy or anything. I'm talking "I didn't know 6 month old babies could reach that decibel" screams. It came out of no where and lasted until she went to bed. It was so strange. She went to sleep with no problem and slept fine the whole night and hasn't screamed since. Weird. I was bummed because we ended up leaving early because she was out of control.

On Tuesday, we got to Skype in the middle of the day with Grandpa D and Uncle Josh, a rare treat! My dad was working from home that day, hence our week day surprise. My mom wasn't there, so she missed out. :( I snapped this picture while Kate was "talking" to Grandpa. She looks totally enthralled, and she that moment. Shortly after this, she went back to spinning that thing on the Little People barn.

Kate manages to get around without crawling. I realize she's not quite 6 and a half months yet, but Seth was crawling all over the place at this age. She is much more content to scoot about and reach for things. Sometimes she falls on her face trying to reach and other times she just gives up. Kevin says she has too big of a butt to get off of it in order to crawl. I'm sure she'll love to hear that when she's a teenager. Anyway, she was sitting over by the Boppy and the barn and this is where she was a bit later. You can tell on her face that she is quite proud.

This was the only "decent" picture I got of Seth all week. So that's that.

And we're at that stage (and have been for awhile) where Kate puts everything in her mouth. EVERYTHING. Seth of course did the same thing, so we just had to make sure that we didn't leave anything around that we didn't want to end up in his mouth. It's a bit more tricky this time now that Seth leaves things around too within her reach. But he's a good brother and watches out for her. She absolutely loves those Fisher Price rings.

Zsolt called yesterday to see if he could help in some way. That guy just blesses my heart. He's been working 13 hour days the last two weeks and felt bad he hadn't called. Seriously?! We look forward to being here this summer without much on the agenda and hopefully hanging out with our favorite people some more. :)

Oh, and on Monday morning, my brand new pair of contacts ripped. I know that can happen and has happened in the past a couple times, but it has never happened on brand new ones. And they were my last pair! I was so bummed because that meant I had to wear my glasses until I could get new ones. Monday was a holiday, so everything was closed. I went on Tuesday to my usual place, and they were closed. Not closed for the day but closed for good! I almost cried because I didn't know what to do. I had remembered seeing an ad for another eye place like two years ago, and so I tried that place. I placed an order (with much difficulty!) and just got an SMS yesterday that they were in, even though I was told they wouldn't be in until next week. I was super happy. I had to wear my glasses all week, which was annoying. I didn't workout at all because they were driving me nuts and sliding off. I know people with glasses workout, but I just couldn't do it. I feel so blah after not exercising all week.

Kevin comes home Sunday morning. I'm thinking we've got maybe 42 more hours to go. He did call Tuesday night for a few minutes. No free internet there and expensive phone calls. But they ended up getting rerouted to Istanbul, Turkey, due to a sick passenger, and landed in Cyprus 5 hours later. Other than that and a few little accidents, things seem to be fine. They've been at the beach mostly and did a boat trip yesterday and are going to some towns on the southern coast tomorrow. He said that the island itself is not pretty but that the water is beautiful. I told him he'd better bring me back something good. I am awesome. :)


Stefanie said...

Only God is awesome.

That girl is sooooooooooo sweet.

Julie said...

i hate it when Zach is gone for so long. HUGS