Wednesday, April 14, 2010

early nap

We finally received Kate's Hungarian birth certificate in the mail today. Not sure what the hold up was with that, but after writing to the hospital, they sent it within a matter of days. Last time I didn't have to ask. Hmmm... Anyway, next step is to get her Consular Report of Birth Abroad, her US passport, her social security card, and at the start of summer, her Hungarian visa! Oh the time and money these things take. Ugh. But the first step is done. Yeah! And the next few steps will be quick. It's the Hungarian visa that is no fun. Long hours and a couple trips. No worry about her not receiving it though.

And here is Seth at 11:15 this morning:

After seventeen meltdowns this morning about who knows what, I asked him if he was tired and needed a nap. He nodded! I figured that he really wouldn't sleep, but I was hoping that if I could get him to lie down that it would help. He agreed to lie down with his "pitto" and his "cobers" on the couch. Within a few minutes, he was sound asleep and stayed there until almost 12:30. He woke up MUCH happier, although he usually naps from about 2:00-5:00 in the afternoons, give or take a little. He tried lying down at 3:30 or so, but that only lasted 20 minutes. He managed through the rest of the day with not as much sleep as a normal day, but I was glad he got that nap in this morning. I didn't think we'd make it through today!


Michelle and Justin said...

Crazy that it took so long to get her birth certificate! Glad you got it. And that pic of Seth with his pitto and cober is SO cute! Glad he got that nap, for him AND for you! ;)

Stefanie said...

Love the "pitto" and "cober" sweet.