Monday, April 19, 2010


Kate turned 5 months old last Thursday. She celebrated by sitting on her own for long chunks of time. She would sit for a little here and there, but now she will balance herself even if she starts to tip. I don't feel comfortable leaving her alone sitting up yet, but she sat for a good 10 minutes by herself today. And if you couldn't tell by her face in this picture (taken last Thursday), she is SUPER happy about being able to sit up on her own now. Yeah Kate!

Seth helped me bake brownies to turn into brownie bites. His favorite part of helping was licking the bowl. :) And he wouldn't smile for the picture, but at least he looked.

It was cloudy and rainy each and every day last week. Killer. Ugh. The sun came out over the weekend, so we were happy. Kevin and Seth spent a lot of time in the yard, playing and doing some yard work.

These were taken this morning. Both of the kids have colds (Kate's first), but I think they are on the mend. I should say that I hope they are. But they still play well together even when not feeling well. Kate is showing off her sitting skills again.

We had a cookout on Sunday night with friends. Nusi leaves this week for England for her job, pending some clearing in the skies of this volcanic ash! She'll be there for 6 months (and blogging in Hungarian, I checked). Of course I forgot to take any pictures while she was over, but before she came, I did take some pictures of the beautiful flowering plants in our yard. Thank you Lord for spring! (And for all of last week's rain that made these flowers come to life!)

(Hard to believe that this is what will turn into walnuts later this fall for us to eat!)


Julie said...

those are such cute pictures!

Stefanie said...

I just love love love her face in that first picture! SO cute! I love those chubby cheeks! She is starting to look like Seth.

Beautiful flowers. :)

Michelle and Justin said...

I love Kate's peach fuzz hair and smile! She's gotten so big already! Hard to believe. And you are an excellent photographer. I think I'll take some pics today too, you have inspired me!

Leah said...

Oh Oh Oh!! I love them, all of them! (pictures) I love when they smile so big being proud of themselves. Kate is so precious. Seth's eyes are gorgeous - just like yours! Love the flower picture with the spider! I'm sooo excited about meeting Kate, and seeing all of you again!

Katie said...

I love your flower pictures (and the pics of the kids of course). I love how Spring is such a beautiful reminder of how God can make all things new.