Friday, December 4, 2009


Okay, so I know there really is no such thing as being jinxed, but if there ever was, I have to say that I was jinxed last night. After being so proud of my sleeping baby girl, she decided to wake up about every three hours last night to be fed. She hasn't ever done that in her short three weeks of life. She totally knew that I had bragged on my blog and wanted to keep me in my place...or something. We'll see how tonight goes!

We went to school for an hour tonight for a coffee house fundraiser. It was my first time out since last Saturday and Kate's first time out ever, except for the car ride home from the hospital. The school is healthy, and so we decided to go for a short time. It was nice to get out, and she of course slept the whole time. Everyone's remark upon seeing her..."Another little Seth!" Yes, my babies look the same. We of course thought so right away, but I thought it was funny that everyone else said the same thing. No doubt that they are both ours!

My precious babes :)

By the way, Mom, I feel like she has grown a ton since we brought her home from the hospital. Although still big, the pink bunting bag isn't as huge on her. I am curious on Monday when we go in for a check-up to see how much bigger she is. She looks a whole ton bigger all of a sudden.


Magyar Journey said...

She's got a real "Seth" look on her face in that picture! Cuteness!

Julie said...

it is amazing how much she and seth look alike! She is beautiful! Praying you get some sleep :)

Michelle and Justin said...

I believe the three-week mark is a growth spurt time! So maybe that's why Kate woke up so much. Glad you got to go to the coffee house!!

Stefanie said...

Awww!! I hadn't seen this.

Nice sweater, Seth :)