Thursday, December 3, 2009

per my mom's request

My mom said on Monday that I need to post pictures everyday. As you can see, I haven't been doing that. I have actually taken pictures but just haven't posted. Sorry Mom! I'll try to be better. :)

I haven't posted anything in almost two weeks! Several, my parents being here, no real desire, tired, forgetting, etc. So I am taking the time now while Kevin and Seth are at the store, Kate is sleeping, and while I am thinking of it.

So after that first week of all of us being in the hospital, we are all healthy now and feeling pretty good. For those of you who didn't know, Seth and I got some nasty virus (not H1N1 but something else that they don't know what it was, but it's going around like gang busters here...NOT fun and super long virus to run its course!). Seth was even hospitalized for it, and since I was already in the hospital, I was taken care of right away. Kevin stayed with Seth in the hospital as I wasn't allowed to be around him per doctors' orders. But Kate never got sick. We all were. Even my parents got horrible coughs. She stayed perfectly healthy. Praise the Lord for protecting her!

I had such a great time with my parents here. We didn't do much with everyone having been sick and Kate being so little. Not how I pictured their time here going, but I was so glad they were here. Their emotional support was much needed! They got to spend Thanksgiving here and celebrate Seth's second birthday. They left on Sunday. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't do goodbyes well with my family, but I am always fine once I get back into my routine and whatnot.

This week has been me and the two kids by myself. It's been a good week. I have been blessed with great sleepers. Everyone told me that I wouldn't have another baby as good as Seth. Well, everyone, Kate has been sleeping a 5-7 hour chunk of time at night since like day 3. Seriously?! We are blessed. She eats well, sleeps well, and barely cries. We have had a few screaming bouts but nothing I can or should complain about, although at the time it seems like the worst thing in the world. :)

And Seth absolutely adores his baby sister! He is eager to hold her for 4 seconds and then is done. But he will constantly go over to her throughout the day to say in a high voice, "Hi Baby Kate!" I am waiting for him to tell me that he wants her to leave or something. He has gotten mad only once. He wanted something more to drink, and I told him he would have to wait because I was feeding her. He didn't like that. He pulled her arm and yelled, "Baby Kate get down!" I tried not to laugh. I have also noticed that he has been testing his limits with me while I feed her. I think he is trying to figure out what he can get away with while I am unable to do much. So today I showed him that I don't have a problem stopping feeding her if he is being disobedient. Kate didn't like that. Ha ha.

I haven't taken Kate out of this house since the day she came home from the hospital. Seth has only been out once with Kevin and my dad and then tonight to the grocery store with Kevin. Everyone has been sick (even cancelled school last week in hopes of a longer Thanksgiving break that kids would get better, and it seemed to have helped!) and I don't want my kids getting sick after that first week! But eventually I will take Kate out so that everyone can meet her. I haven't seen anyone either.

And now, here are some pictures for my mom and anyone else. :)

I realize you can't see Seth's face as he blows out his candle on the very cool train cake that Grandma D made for his birthday, but I love that you can see Grandma and Grandpa Y on the laptop Skyping with us and getting a front row spot for all the birthday action, even though they're in NY!

Dad and his kiddos. You can tell that Seth is pretending to sleep. :)

Seth got the Snoopy playing Christmas songs on the piano. He LOVES it! He plays it ALL day long. Today he decided he wanted to show Kate his dance moves. A picture doesn't do this scene justice, so you'll just have to imagine it.


Magyar Journey said...

Ha! That last picture is awesome! I can see how Seth is becoming Kevin Jr. :) Glad to hear all are well still, and that Kate is letting you sleep!

Julie said...

yeah for pictures!!!

Aimee said...

PRAISE GOD that Kate is such a great sleeper! :) I'm praying the same will be true for us... but only time will tell. ;) Thanks for posting these shots - it's so fun to see your family growing. Love you all!