Tuesday, November 10, 2009

no change

No baby yet. Pretty bummed about that. Oh well.

I posted on my Facebook status yesterday that girls were proving to already be more difficult than boys. That certainly brought out all of the moms of daughters to tell me it's worth the wait. :) I don't doubt that. Just laughing that Seth, my firstborn and a boy, came five days early without any warning. Never had any complaints during that pregnancy except for the heartburn. I was "1 in 10000" my doctor told me, and I earned quite the reputation at the hospital for my delivery of him. Never had done it before, and I still don't know what was so amazing about it, but the nurses and hospital administrator would continually come and tell me, "I heard you were one in ten thousand."

And so now our second, and a girl, is late. I was told that your second usually comes before your first. Yah, not so for me I guess. And I have had way more complaints and aches and pains this pregnancy. Still not enough to complain about because it has been an easy pregnancy in comparison to so many others who have vast complications. So this is not a complaint, just commenting on how different.

I am also not super frustrated at her being late. I am frustrated with everything else. I am mainly frustrated because her coming late means that I will most likely be in the hospital when my parents come on Saturday. I appreciate the hospital wanting to make sure we're all well and good before heading home, but staying for 4 nights after giving birth is a bit excessive. It'd be different if I didn't have help or had complications or just needed some extra rest, but I'd much rather be at home resting with my family than being in a hospital paying lots of money to do the same thing at home. Plus they're just super hyper about things. I have been talking to a friend from college who is a nurse and works with babies about some things they do differently here. Again, different is not bad, but she has explained a few things to me which has been more than helpful. Grateful for that! I will be asking a few more questions and probably be a bit more demanding this time now that I am more informed. They'll be glad to get rid of me I'm sure. :) Of course I will do this in a nice way. And when you only get to see your family once (or twice like this year since we were just home for the summer) a year, you don't want to spend that time sitting in a hospital.

And I'm also tired of hearing everyone's comments. They are all well-intentioned and mean no harm, but I don't think anyone thinks that they might just be the 17th person to say that to me in the last 30 minutes. It gets a little depressing. Everyone thinks they know and wants to give me their two cents. Again, I know it is all said with great intentions. So I am not mad at anyone, just tired of hearing what everyone else has to say. My particular favorite is when they look at me and try to figure out if I have "dropped" or discuss my weight. And they all have to tell me their stories. Why is it that people share the most horrible stories to someone who is about to give birth?! Seriously, people, take an extra two seconds to think. Ah, I'm really laughing on the inside. Maybe our daughter is wise to stay in a little longer. :)

So after having an appointment on Monday and hearing that there was no change since last Friday, I came home and drowned my sorrows in a pan of brownies, which I had made after my appointment on Friday because I was so sad to hear no news then as well. No brownies are left, and I have an appointment tomorrow. I will have to search for some other sweet I guess!


Michelle said...

Hey, I made tiramisu yesterday...how's that for a sweet? I would love to bring some by...and don't worry, I made it with almond extract, not rum. :)

Stefanie said...

Hey you are better than one pregnant person I know. Actually the person is a parent now. :) totally get wanting to have her before mom And dad come.

Rachael said...


You'll be done soon, just a few more days! And you'll feel so much better after the birth when all the aches and pains go away (but bring a heating pad and take ibuprofen right away with this one b/c the afterpains from uterine contractions when nursing the first few days will be more intense).

Is there any way you can sign yourself and the baby out of the hospital AMA ('against medical advice' - you can do that in the US) after 24 hours so that you don't have to stay a full 4 days? I would be going nuts in there too, especially with family in to visit.

We're praying for your baby to come soon and for everything to go smoothly for you!

leah said...

I'm checking my email twice a day and your blog in the am and pm just incase there maybe some news to share!! Sooo excited and praying for your new little one to come!
Love to you!

Susie said...

Kristen, I just popped over here to get your parents' info because Ben is headed to Budapest in a few weeks and I wanted to see if they wanted to send anything to you.... But then I see your baby news and that they are on the way themselves! Good luck - you will do great with that little girl - hopefully they'll let you home early from the hospital. Being pregnant/having babies in another culture is certainly interesting!