Friday, November 13, 2009

tomorrow morning!

So we might not have a daughter yet, but what's super exciting is that we have the internet at our house for the first time in almost 6 months!!! That's right, I am blogging from home and connected to our own ISP. Kevin even got wireless set up. Never felt so good to sit on the couch and blog. :) Our Vonage is still not working, and we are working on that. But Skype is doing the trick, so we are happy!

It required another trip out to the house for Tcom, and the guy who came was the same one from last time. My landlord came out to make sure things were taken care of with the language barrier and whatnot. I could tell there was a not-so-happy conversation going on between the two men, of course none of which I could understand. Apparently our landlord Miklós was complaining about their service and the problems they have caused. It really had nothing to do with us. After the Tcom guy left, he just vented about companies in Hungary that are supposed to offer a service and don't know how to do it. I didn't feel bad agreeing with him since he was complaining about his own country, not that the US has it all together either. But it is more frustrating over here, and I just always assume it's my problem. Makes it easier that way. :)

But it's all working now. Holding my breath that it will continue to work! I am eons behind in emails and have not communicated well with most of our supporters since we've been back as a result of no internet. I hope to remedy that situation in the upcoming weeks. I am trying to be realistic in knowing that a lot won't be getting done right away with a new baby and my parents being here, but I will catch up soon!

My parents will land here tomorrow morning, and we are really looking forward to their visit...and the arrival of little Miss Yaiko whenever she decides to make her grand entrance. And it better be soon!

I went to the doctor yet again (three times this week) for another non-stress test. Everyone feels so bad for me and looks disappointed to see that I'm back at the office again. Of course their disappointment is a good thing, and I think it's sweet that they feel bad. Everyone would always talk about their relationship with their doctor, and I have never had one, nor have I cared to have one. But now Dr. Kosztin and I are tight! Just kidding. :)

Thank you to Michelle who brought over some homemade tiramisu for me on Wednesday to cheer me up after another appointment with no new news. It was great and so thoughtful!

And thank you to the Myers family for having us over for dinner on Wednesday night! Kaye had an appointment the same time, so she drove me there. It made for a much nicer time, having the company and all. And then she asked if we wanted to have dinner with them. Yummy lasagna! I didn't menu plan this week because I was hoping that I would have been in the hospital. So it's been pretty yucky eating around here. Sorry to Kevin and Seth! That should change now that Grandma and Grandpa D are coming!


Audrey said...

Aw, I love "Little Miss Yaiko" even more than "Baby Girl Yaiko", though her real name will be super-sweet, too! :) Hope you slept well and are all set for the glorious visit. I'M excited that your parents are coming!

The Langs said...

So glad to hear that you have your internet up finally, how exciting, and parents coming today...woohoo! Have a great time and let me know if you need anything..

Julie said...

yeah for internet, I am so sorry she isn't here yet, I know you wanted her here before your parents arrived... hugs