Monday, November 2, 2009

egy hét

one week

We had a very busy and fun weekend. Doctor's appointment on Friday revealed that nothing was happening. Bummed to hear that but glad to know that we are both healthy and well, which is most important. I still have 6 days left until my due date, so I shouldn't be complaining. :) Insurance and billing matters are not fixed, but the receptionist seemed to understand that mistakes were made and a lot would have to be redone. The insurance manager who was supposed to help straighten it all out was out on holiday, so that's why nothing was fixed. They told me not to pay anything at my appointment on Friday and that'd we would work it out this week when I come back. I go in tomorrow night for an appointment, mainly the non-stress test.

Reread up on a few things this weekend, and it's funny reading this book after having experienced giving birth in a hospital here. The things they do in the US are different than here, and I'm not saying that one is better than the other, just different. I had no idea what to expect last time just because Seth was the first, not necessarily because I was living here. But now reading the book, I had to laugh at various parts because there is a lot Hungary doesn't do. I had such a great experience with Seth, so no complaints from me. Just praying for another good experience this time around!

On Saturday we had an afternoon tea for all the women who live on our street. It was hosted by Martha, our neighbor and fellow UWM team member. The purpose of the tea was to welcome the new people on the street, including yours truly, and it was so nice. I wish I spoke more Hungarian, and I felt bad that I couldn't really make an effort since I couldn't say anything. I did meet the neighbor on our other side, and she speaks beautiful English. Martha told me that she was dying to meet me, so I had assumed she didn't speak English and hence why we hadn't met. But it was nice to meet her. Of course all the women wanted to know when I was due and what I was having. The general consensus was that I looked really good ("slim" as one women even said) and couldn't believe I only had a week until d-day. That made me feel good because I certainly don't feel that way! Ha ha! Who does at this stage? But my neighbor is an editor for a Hungarian pregnancy magazine, so she knew all sorts of stuff. She assured me that the hospital where I was giving birth was great and so much better than the Hungarian hospitals. I am delivering at the same place I did with Seth, so I know what to expect. But she raved about it, so that also made me feel good.

Saturday evening we had a fall party at school that Becky organized. This was Seth's first time doing anything like that. I would love to post some pictures from it, but none of mine really turned out. So maybe if Julie or Becky have some that turned out, I'll steal theirs. :) Seth complained about wearing the bumblebee costume, which was from last year and too small but not small enough that I still didn't force him to wear it. Then he didn't want to play any of the games. That all changed once he realized he got candy for playing the games. He kept asking for more chocolate. We had to take the rings and the bean bags and various other game objects out of his hands because he wanted to keep playing if that meant he got more candy! And I have to say that his skills were pretty impressive for an almost two year old. I think it's all his practice at shooting hoops at home.

And like any good parent, we let our kid eat way too much candy that night. He was literally bouncing off the walls and around in his crib when we put him to bed later that night. At some point in time his sugar rush stopped and he crashed. But he was a sight to see!

Today is Kevin's grandpa's birthday, and I would have loved to give him a birthday gift of a new great granddaughter, but since it's pretty late now, that's not going to happen. My sister's birthday is Wednesday, so I'm shooting for that next. :) Everyone keeps telling me how high I still am and that I haven't "dropped." Never did with Seth. Carried him the same. I think it's because my height is in my legs. I have a pretty short torso as compared to my legs and so baby stays put there. She apparently has long legs too according to the doctor. Who knows. Only the Lord. Just asking him to let her come really soon!


Aimee said...

We're hoping she comes soon as well!!! Praying for you guys :)

Julie said...

I will post pictures whenever I get around to blogging... there are some cute ones with Seth and Jasper!

Life with Ash and Ave said...

Was thinking about you today and hoping you're doing well! I'll be praying for you guys!