Tuesday, October 27, 2009

quite the weekend

Well, it was an eventful weekend to say the least. It was a long weekend, too!

We left before the sun was up last Thursday morning to head to the immigration office to apply for our new visas. We were in line first and got the first appointment, and even with all of that, we were still there for hours. Oh, the joys of living in a foreign country. I have often wondered what the process is like in the US as a foreign citizen. I wonder how much it costs, too. We are praying that the government finds favor with us and gives us the maximum, which is 5 years. Have no idea if we'll be here that long, but for the time and money we have to spend on this process, we are hoping not to have to do it again! But we shall see what they give us come the end of November when we go back.

Friday was a national holiday, so no school. Kevin was home. Yeah! And last week was his week off between grad school courses, so it was great timing on his part to have a long weekend. He ended up not getting done what he had wanted to because I was in bed, and he had to take care of Seth. Poor guy. Even involved a trip to the hospital for me, but the doctor there concluded that we were both healthy and safe. So they sent me home in great pain with no explanation, but at least I didn't worry after that. I'm not one to go to the doctor or hospital, but I was in so much pain that I knew wasn't right. Good thing I went because what I was experiencing was a major symptom of preeclampsia, but all the tests and monitoring revealed that I didn't have it. Praise the Lord! Anyway, the doctor there said I could go any day, but they say that to all women at the end. So that means it could be tomorrow or not for a couple weeks. My due date though is in 12 days, but who's counting? :)

On the way to the hospital the headlights on our car went out. Perfect timing. Fortunately our brights were still working, so besides ticking off a ton of drivers, we did get there safely. I took the car in yesterday to have it looked at, and after fidgeting around for a bit, the guy said he didn't know what was wrong and said he would work on it and hopefully have it done today. I was concerned about another major expense, but I can't complain because we haven't had to do a thing to that car. It's old and hasn't given us any problems! Another moment to praise the Lord! He called today to say it was fixed. I asked how much. He said 7000 forint. [Imagine huge smiley face on me as he told me over the phone. 7000 HUF = $39 right now.] Becky took me to pick up the car, and he showed me where the problem was and that he had to replace the blinker/light thing on the side of the wheel, which is where it had shorted. Felicia (the model name of our car and what we hence call her) now has more character to her as the blinker doesn't turn off automatically when you turn. No big deal, but it made me laugh. Again, thanking the Lord for such a minor and quick fix.

So from Friday night until Sunday sometime I was in bed and couldn't move. Kevin had planned on getting school work done ahead of time so that he doesn't have to worry about it when I do actually go into labor. But I was glad that of all times for this to happen that it was while he was home. I couldn't lift Seth or do anything. But ever since the pain went away on Sunday, I have felt great. And I used all of my energy later on Sunday afternoon to clean out the baby's room that we have just been using as storage and throwing anything in there that we had no place for. It was quite the daunting task, and although nothing in there is actually ready for her, at least everything in there is hers and not being used as storage anymore. So I consider that a success!

One of the most exciting things that happened this weekend was gaining a new church supporter. We met with First Alliance Church of Erie, PA, while home this summer. It was where Kevin went to church, and his pastor along with my own married us in January 2004. We honestly never expected for them to support us, but we love the church and were invited to come chat with them. So we did! They told us they didn't know if they could do anything financially but would definitely offer their prayer support. Fine by us! But then they wrote this weekend and said that they would support us financially, almost making up all that we have been lacking in our monthly support to stay here in Hungary! Can I just say that we were both so overwhelmed and overjoyed at God's provision once again?! I have been battling for quite awhile where the "line" is between doing all that I can to seek the lacking support and where to let go and trust God. I realize that line doesn't exist, and someone told me recently that I should pray because it's all up to God but work like it's all up to me. So I think that's what I've been doing...until recently because I just didn't know what to do. Kevin and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders, and I am constantly thanking the Lord.

Currently thanking the Lord for...
A long weekend where Kevin was home
First part of the visa application being done
Health for baby girl and me
Safety on back roads with non-working lights
Time with Zsolt and his concern for baby and me
Quick and inexpensive car repairs
Friends who pray and want to help
A baby's room being cleaned
Packages in the mail (Thanks, Mom Y!)
God's provision when I had lost all hope
My family...near and far
...And lots more!

I haven't been posting pictures much, but here is one from earlier tonight. Seth has become obsessed with several things lately, one of them being wearing his sunglasses all the time. He wouldn't take off the hood, so we just strapped them around his head with the hood up. He is "doing letters" in the picture, another thing, along with playing volleyball, that he is currently obsessed with. Oh how I love this little boy!


Magyar Journey said...

Cute picture! Glad to hear you and baby girl are ok! Yikes, that's alarming! Hope she comes soon for you-- I know you're feeling ready, especially now that the room is cleared out (even if not set up!). Love you, friend!

Doug said...

Seth kind of looks like the unibomber in that outfit!

Stefanie said...

I was just about to say, "Dad called your son the unibomber"...but I see he wrote that already.

So sweet about Zsolt. :)

Jehovah Jireh! :) That song is now playing over and over in my head.