Sunday, September 27, 2009

riot and tear gas a year ago, bomb threat this evening

It's after midnight and I am up and awake. Nothing new as my sleep is only good from about 3-7 a.m. Makes for long days sometimes. :) So why blog this late at night? Because I can and I haven't given my sister too many things to make fun of me for this week. :)

It's been a really busy week in more ways than one. We have actually been making good use of our new table and chairs by having lots of people over this week. The worst part is that my grocery budget did not stay within budget as a result. Oops! Must work on that next month. And I promise to post a picture of the set when I remember to take a picture in daylight. Our night photos do not turn out well. It's just that I usually blog at night and thus only think about posting a picture of it at night.

Tonight 8 of us ladies went into the city to go to TGI Friday's as a last "hoorah" before many new babies are born in the upcoming weeks. Now I remember why we hardly eat's SO expensive! Julie got a great picture of us all, so when she posts it, I will steal it from her and post it here as well. :) Thanks in advance, Julie.

Our waitress came over towards the end of our dinner to let us know that we needed to pay and leave quickly because there was a bomb threat at the mall. My friend Zsofi said that is a pretty normal thing in Hungary, but this was my first experience. Kevin had one last year at a different mall while with a bunch of guys to watch a movie.

I must say that I wasn't worried in the slightest at first because the mall was operating normally and nothing had changed. No one seemed to be doing much nor moving in a mass out the doors or anything. But then the police entered and started getting people out. I took it more seriously after that. Anyone who lives in a major city knows that you don't simply leave quickly from parking garages and in traffic when everyone has to leave. It took us 20 minutes to move a few car lengths until the police and security just opened all the gates and started getting us all out as fast as they could. Then we saw the bomb sniffing dogs. But we were out and safe. Praise the Lord!

Oh, and I had serious laughs later as I recalled our PFO training simulation exercises in a hostage situation that they made us do...because you never know. We were at training in 2007 with Whittington and Audrey and had fun discussing our different groups' takes on the simulation. Whittington was in the INSANELY serious group, while my group was later reprimanded for not taking it serious enough.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed our dinner since we all got to eat before the bomb threat was made, and it won't be anytime soon that I get to do that again. (Eat dinner out with the girls, that is, not experience a bomb threat, Lord willing!)

I'm excited to share some more from Crazy Love, too. Sin has been rearing its ugly head in many ways recently for me, and I get really upset with myself when I allow the devil to get a foot hold. Even tonight, I heard something great in response to what I had been praying about, but instead of thanking the Lord for working, my heart felt saddened because it wasn't how I wanted him to work. Seriously? Another realization that I am not the good soil. Praise the Lord that he is not finished working in me. :)


Whittington McLemore said...

good times...good times at PFO! Glad you made it out safe!

Julie said...

i will get you that picture soon! And I am excited to hear your thoughts on Crazy Love, thanks for sharing. I had fun sitting next to you and catching up :) I didn't park in the parking garage, but I was with Emily, and she was at the front and it took forever... and what was even crazier...they should have left up the gates and NOT made people pay to leave... seriously, aren't they trying to evacuate?!?!?!

Stefanie said...

Glad you are safe...yikes.

As far as sin, as you referring to your selfishness and not sharing the LEgos...and you thought I couldn't find something to make fun of you for in every post :)

Love ya sis.