Monday, September 21, 2009

crazy love

I have been reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. My parents gave it to us this summer. I must say that there is so much in there that I will need to read this book a few times. (By the way, Dad, do you have the discussion questions in an easy to send format that I could look at?)

In one of the chapters in Crazy Love, Chan talks about John's recount in Revelation of seeing God in heaven and Isaiah's vision of God in his throne room in the book Isaiah. Amazing stuff to think about. Never knew that repeating a word three times in Hebrew declared something perfect. "Holy, holy, holy." That reminds me of a lot of Jerry Bridges' book The Pursuit of Holiness. The whole chapter left me with goosebumps thinking about God, which by the way I think he actually discusses goosebumps in that chapter or perhaps it's in another one. Like I said, I'm going to have to read it a few times and write down more things so I can remember it all!

Do you ever read something or hear a song and it suddenly takes on a different meaning based on something else you have learned recently? Two years ago my sister sent us Tim Hughes' cd "Hold Nothing Back." I LOVED the song "Everything" and would listen to it on repeat a million times, and then I fell in love next with the song "The Highest and the Greatest." I hadn't heard either song in quite some time until Saturday night when Kevin brought his ipod (thanks Mom and Dad Y!) in the car and the cd came on. Couldn't help but get the picture in my mind of what John and Isaiah described as I heard the song. Couldn't help but think of how truly great our God is!

"The Highest and the Greatest"

Wake every heart and every tongue
To sing the new eternal song
And crown Him King of Glory now
Confess Him, Lord of all

You are the highest
You are the greatest
You are the Lord of all
Angels will worship
Nations will bow down
To the Lord of all

A day will come when all will sing
And glorify our matchless King
Your name unrivalled stands alone
You are the Lord of all

Let every heart
Let every tongue
Sing of Your name
Sing of Your name
Let every heart
Let every tongue
Sing, sing, sing


Doug said...

discussion questions are in the mail... also go to - it has 5-6 minute clips on each chapter - more to think about...

Julie said...

thanks for sharing!

Stefanie said...

Still LOVE those two songs...good book too, not finished!!

Doug said...

assume you got the questions...