Monday, September 28, 2009

food tastes better when it's grilled

I want it to be fall, you know, where the air is crisp and the leaves are turning colors, and the smells are wonderful. Although it isn't super hot out, it's still not fall around here. Maybe since it's going to be October in a few days things will start to change.

Zsolt came over last night for a bbq. We have a little bbq pit thing, and we wanted to finally try it out. It worked pretty well, although it's not as simple as turning on a gas grill. I have missed grilling out since we moved here, and everything just tastes better when it's grilled. And Mom Y, I made grilled potatoes that turned out GREAT! Not at all like this summmer... :)

The most precious thing happened last night when we sat down to eat. Zsolt started digging in, and then Seth yelled, "Pray!" He loves to hold our hands and pray. My nephew Daniel has always been like that, and I wondered if Seth would ever notice or ask to pray at such a young age. Zsolt asked if we always prayed before meals and then apologized for not doing so when we ate over at their house. We told him it was okay and that we weren't offended. I was just so tickled that Seth was the one to say something and care! It blessed my heart!

Tomorrow night the senior class is coming over for dinner. They are going to be finalizing plans for the high school retreat which starts this Thursday morning and lasts until Saturday night. Emily, the senior co-sponsor with us, will be here as well as some other parent. It'll be a busy night but Lord willing a fun and productive one. Kevin and I went shopping tonight for all the meat we will be grilling. Yum!

Kevin is in charge of the retreat this year, and he already has way too much on his plate. So prayers for him are much appreciated! And I got sick yesterday, and so I am trying to keep my germs away from him because getting sick is the last thing he needs! So prayers for my health as well are also appreciated, especially since I will have Seth all by myself for several days and my pregnant body is sore and tired.


Doug said...

How's my little buddy doing? Feeling better? Love, Grandpa

Aimee said...

It's finally feeling a bit like fall here in Lexington! :) I love this time of year - and hopefully you'll be experiencing cooler temps soon as well. I'm so sorry Seth was sick... poor guy. I'll be praying that he's better soon and that both of you will stay healthy as well. Love you all!

Julie said...

I agree about Fall arriving...I am looking forward to that. And I also agree about grilling. I miss having a grill. Have fun planning!!!