Wednesday, August 26, 2009

one reason why hot temps can be good

Although I may be dripping with sweat and unable to sleep well at night, there is one good reason I can think of why hot temperatures are good. That one reason: laundry. So with no dryer, we hang all our clothes out to dry year-round. Not my favorite thing to do, but whatever. Hot air means our clothes dry faster. Cold winter air the past two years has killed virtually any and all "laundry plans" I had made. Jeans could take up to 4 days to completely dry. But one of the sheets I hung out this morning is now already dry! Yeah hot air!

I am wondering how it will be this winter though in our house. We had quite limited heat upstairs in our apartment before, and thus the air was pretty cold in the winter. This house heats much better, plus our washer is in the room with our boiler (which heats water not only for faucets but to heat the house as well) so it's naturally a much warmer room. I am looking forward to finding out, not just because I'm curious about the laundry but also because that means it will be cooler, I will not be pregnant, and as a result of those two, I will most likely be sleeping better. All good reasons to look forward to winter in my book. :) Oh, and Kevin will be done with is first three grad courses and breathing a little easier. (Then again, I'll be back to the infant stage and not sleeping huge amounts like I do now... unless our daughter is as amazing as her brother was... Hmmm...)

And speaking of Kevin, it was the first day of school today! I have had fun looking at friends' pictures on Facebook and blogs of first day of school things. I didn't make Kevin pose for a picture in his first day of school "outfit" or anything, so I have no pictures like that to post. But Seth helped me make a "Happy Back to School" cake for him.

Seth "helping"... (this was pre-meltdown when I told him it had to bake and that we had to wait for Dad to come home before he could actually eat any of the cake)

And more "helping" by spreading around the chocolate drips on the floor. Love this kid.

Happy back to school everyone!

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Stefanie said...

Don't forget about the basketball on the floor!!!

HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!