Tuesday, August 25, 2009

in my attempt to stay awake

I want nothing more than to take a nap right now, so I am trying to not sit down for long (which easily turns into lying down) so that I don't fall asleep. Seth has been napping for well over two hours, and I imagine he'll be getting up soon and will thus keep me from sitting down. I am hoping that by avoiding a nap I will sleep well at night. Restful sleeping has not been happening much for me lately.

Still no internet, but our landlord is in communication with the company. He has forwarded all of his emails with them to us, but alas, they are all in Hungarian and I have no clue what they say. He just dropped by with a modem that he thought he left for us here but found it at his home. He informed me that they say it is coming. We shall see.

Seth and I ran a few errands this morning, mainly to check out a couple stores to see what they might have to offer in the table and chairs selection. I did find one set that I liked okay, but the pricing was very confusing. There were four different signs on the table, all of which I could read by the way (yeah!), but I'm not sure which one was correct. Very confusing. And I didn't know how to ask all my questions in Hungarian. I'm sure Zsolt would be willing to help.

School starts tomorrow. Kevin started his Master's degree officially yesterday. I must say that he likes to keep busy. He's doing a lot this year and excited about it. Seth is having a hard time now that he is back to work every day. But this was the first morning he didn't wake up and cry when he asked where Dad was and I told him that Dad was at school working (not playing basketball, which Seth thinks he does all day at school). Dad is his bud, and he is learning that the summer was just a nice change of pace but back to reality. We're slowly making progress.

And here is a picture of our UWM Hungary team. Love these people! Just missing one person in the picture, John and Zsofi's oldest daughter who is almost three. Otherwise, we're all there!

Oh, and I forgot to mention in the post about the bathroom(s) that we also have a bidet. Never had one of those in any home I've ever lived in or even visited in the US. Much more common here.

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Magyar Journey said...

Did you notice that Kevin's the only one not smiling? And that John and Zsofi's baby is eating someone's necklace? I love pictures!