Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We are back home for good now, well, for 7 more days. We got home from babysitting for one night and then turned around and headed to Lake Balaton for the weekend with Zsolt and Gabi. Turns out it's Zsolt's mom who owns the house, not Gabi's family as I had originally thought. We had met her and her boyfriend before, but they had never met Seth. They adored him. Big surprise. :)

It ended up just being us and Zsolt and Gabi, though, for most of the time, and we had a great time. I was tired from everything that had been going on but knew we should go away with them. So glad we did. The weather turned quite cool this weekend, of course only because we planned to go to the lake. Ha ha. Such is life. But we had fun nevertheless. We are their only friends who have a child, so I know hanging out with us is different than hanging out with their other friends (regardless of the language). But they never seemed bothered by having Seth around. In fact, they seemed to thoroughly enjoy him, especially Zsolt. And Seth loves Zsolt and laughed at practically everything he did. It was cute.

I am continually amazed at how much they give to us and for us. They had meals for us while we were there and took us out to eat on Monday, despite us wanting and trying to pay for lunch after providing so much for us that weekend (and always). They insisted that they wanted to do that. Zsolt also insists on driving us to the airport next week. I explained to him that we were grateful for their offer but that we can't fit our luggage in their hatchback car. He said he has a trailer and will bring that with us to the airport for our luggage. He also wants to use the trailer to help us move our furniture to the house we'll be renting next year. They are always helping us out in some way, and I am so grateful and overwhelmed by it. The Lord is definitely at work in our relationship with them, and I am so excited to see where it goes next year!

My tasks this week are to pack up our flat and pack up stuff for the summer. I am overwhelmed by these tasks. I don't know why because it's not like moving houses or anything, which we have done too many times. Maybe it's because I don't want to wait until the last minute but many things have to wait until the last minute. Plus I want to spend time with friends before we leave for the summer and before some of them leave for good!!! Then there is graduation and parties and all other sorts of stuff. Not enough time it seems.

Oh, and our current landlord came over today to check out the place before the new girls move in next month, see about repairs, etc. He was very pleased with how the place looks (in spite of it being a disaster with me trying to pack!) and squared away all of our bills. We actually broke even! Yeah! I was just glad he was pleased with the way things looked and that we are all set to move out without any complications or other charges.

Now onto a house with a yard!!!


Stefanie said...

And to Chicago to see me!!

Anonymous said...

That's great! Glad it worked out for you. We can't wait to see you guys. Love, Dad

Jenny said...

When do you head to the US? I am so excited for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Hey You,
good to know that you left us some time ago! Work kept me busy lately without that being a good excuse for not calling about the MW:) Waiting for you to come back and of course congratulations to the baby girl!!