Saturday, June 6, 2009

all packed up

Just about everything is moved out of our apartment. We are sleeping on mattresses on the floor. I have a few last minute random items to pack tomorrow and then that'll be it. Zsolt and Kevin moved most of our stuff out last night. They wouldn't let me lift anything really. Zsolt is our hero. He is selfless and kind. He at least agreed to let me feed him dinner.

Our new landlords have been great. They are going to arrange for our mattresses and Seth's bed to be picked up from our apartment after we leave bright and early Tuesday morning so that we don't have to find a place to sleep Monday night. And they also sent a million cherries over for us from their tree. Cherry trees are quite popular here.

Now that the bulk of the moving and packing is all done, I feel more relaxed and less stressed about leaving for the summer. We have also had such a positive response to our desire to remain in Hungary for a longer period of time, and we are greatly encouraged by that. I feel less stressed about having to go back and raise support this summer. We still have to raise support, but our current supporters have been just fantastic and encouraging in their correspondence with us. Still waiting to hear back from a lot though. We feel completely confident in our calling here and are going to continue to trust God to make that happen.

I have also been deeply encouraged in our relationships with various Hungarians. God has opened up doors with several people, all of whom have started conversations with us and have asked questions. I almost don't believe how easy it has been to share with them all because THEY started the conversation with us. We serve an amazing God. And little prayer request...there is this Hungarian man that God has placed on my heart this past year, and I am praying for an opportunity to see him one last time on Monday morning before we leave. Long story behind it, but I am asking God to allow this encounter to happen Monday!

And now it is 10:00 at night, and Seth is still up. Trying to see if we can help with his 7 hour time adjustment. Don't think it'll work, but he is having a blast right now and not a bit tired. So we'll try it. Ah! We ask that you pray for our travels on Tuesday. I am nervous as to how he'll handle the flights, more so the 10 hour one. Ugh.

But we're all headed back home now to sleep. 3 more days... :)


Stefanie said...

Grr...I just missed your call :)

New Beginnings said...

Guess the Chad and Serina have not had you over to pick cherries at the house? That tree was awesome for cherries..we miss it alot..refuse to pay for cherries here in the states..that is awesome that you will have your own soon. Have a safe trip back on Tuesday..hope Seth sleeps the entire way.

Anonymous said...

We can't wait to see you guys - sorry we missed your 2 calls. We were on our way back from Grand Rapids and the cell service is lousy along the lake. Love you. Have fun on the trip. At least it's all of you this time! Love Dad

Julie said...

I will pray for your trip home, it is always challenging with kiddos! Have a great time in the states!!!