Thursday, May 28, 2009

the towels are going to have to wait

I should be in bed sleeping right now, but instead I have been hanging out with the kiddos for our last night here and trying to make sure things are straightened up before their parents come home tomorrow. I still have a huge load of towels to fold, but that can wait until morning. So back home tomorrow to the land of no laptop and internet, but that'll only be for 11 days. I can handle that. :)

As I was sitting and thinking this evening about a situation that is bugging me, I ended up having this great conversation with the kiddos about God's provision in our lives, in particular since Kevin and I got married. Not sure how that conversation even came up, but it was neat to recall many instances (actually countless!) of God providing for us. That always puts things into perspective and makes me feel loved by our Savior. I need to remind myself of those things when I get uptight and anxious about raising support this summer. Jehovah Jireh - the Lord provides.

And one phrase in particular that I have been pondering and thinking a lot about from Romans is "by the mercies of God." I will explain more later but just wanted to write that down for now because I want to always remember that.

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