Monday, May 18, 2009

wake up call

We were woken up at 4 a.m. this morning by a phone call. It always takes a moment for your brain to engage and realize what's going on, especially when you're not at home and the ringing sound is not the same familiar one.

First thought after realizing it was the phone was that it sounded like it was in our room, which I didn't know they had one in there. Second thought was worry because I thought it might be an emergency. Third thought was that this was an accident and we were woken up for nothing. Fourth thought was frustration if it woke up Seth.

Thoughts 1, 3, and 4 were right.

My day has been dreadfully long as Seth didn't sleep well after that and therefore became so overly tired that he couldn't settle down for naps. Then we had this filming we did tonight at the school for UWM as a sort of promotional DVD we can have to show supporters. So Seth was up late for that on top of an already long day with no good naps.

But he is now sleeping peacefully. And I pray the remainder of the night continues that way.

Since he didn't sleep well or take naps, that obviously means I didn't sleep well or take naps. Now I am going to crash.


Kelly said...

I have an insane fear of Madi waking up early from naps. Must be from when she was much smaller and a very poor sleeper. We have only one phone ringer turned on in our house, and you can barely hear it upstairs. And the first thing I do when we have her nap at a different house is turn off phone ringers and/or carry a phone around with me, so I can get it mid-first ring. It's a bit of an obsession really. So I totally understand the frustration thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh just wait until to come home! We have an early riser in our house! Love, Dad