Tuesday, May 19, 2009

house for rent

I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying the McKee kids we are staying with. The school is filled with wonderful families and great kids, and this is one of those families. They are just so delightful and are wonderful with Seth. And Seth is enjoying the extra attention and chance to show off for them.

We all slept well last night with no interruptions, so today was much better. Praise the Lord!

Tonight we went and looked at a house for rent. Several people have told us about it and that it would be good for us, a small family. The rent is a definitely more than we pay now, but the utilities are less! No surprise there with how awful our doors and windows are. The family that lives there now speaks English pretty well, and they were so kind. And they just adored Seth and gave him treats, which he quickly devoured. The house is ten times nicer than our current flat and definitely bigger. There's even a garage and a pantry! The kitchen is really nice, and there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are even a few air conditioner units in a couple rooms. Such luxury! They said they actually use them on the super hot days, which is not a typical Hungarian thing to do. Oh, and the house is a few blocks away from where we live now on a quiet street but well within walking distance to the school. Plus our babysitter (we have two we regularly use but the other one graduates this year) lives across the street. Awesome.

We know that any move is going to require more rent as our current rent is super cheap. And since we want to stay in Diósd, we don't have many options. Our car is very old and hasn't given us a single problem, but just in case, we want to stay close where Kevin can walk in case we run into any problems in the future. So we are really leaning towards moving there but haven't made a final decision. You can pray about that with us!

Now going to join the fam watching "Nacho Libre" and dying of laughter... Family Field Day tomorrow!

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