Wednesday, May 27, 2009

craziness worked out

I woke up feeling overwhelmed today by everything I had to do, mainly how I was going to get all kids to their destinations and then picked up, plus get dinner in there and make it to two things we had going on this evening. These were all good things, but I was trying to help the kids understand that they needed to be flexible.

A few minutes before the super craziness began, we got three phone from the oldest saying that she was staying later at her friend's house and that they were bringing her home, one from a woman who said she would bring home the middle child from baseball because she was headed this way, and one from Chad who we were going to meet with to discuss our home ministry assignment with this summer and whatnot. We were both tired, and Kevin got a nasty cold. Chad was tired too, so we moved the meeting back to next week. God is so good in working all of that out when there was no way possible we could be at different places at the same time.

So we ended up with only one "appointment" tonight...with our future landlord! We met and discussed a bunch of things. It was good. We will start renting their house in August, and they are willing to allow us to store our things in their garage all summer for free! Contracts won't be signed until this weekend due to translating contract stuff, but it's essentially a done deal. They speak English very well, which is amazing. We don't need someone to translate everything for us! They were willing to put a no-end date to the rental contract, which is essential for us as we will have to get new residency permits when we come back after the summer. And they are leaving behind all appliances except the washer, so we don't have to buy a ton of that stuff. Praise the Lord! And the wife simply adores Seth. Seriously. It's so sweet.

Also I spent the afternoon over at a family's house whose furniture we have been borrowing this year. We borrowed their table and chairs plus a whole bedroom suite, minus the bed. So we need to give it back to them. The wife had called me earlier this week and said that they had some other dressers they'd be willing to loan us indefinitely in exchange for their old furniture. I cannot believe how generous this family has been to us. They have always arranged for all of the moving as well! She even mentioned that they'd be willing to take it to the new house and put it in the garage so that we don't have to move it again a week later. Amazing gift of giving if you ask me!

Zsolt and Gabi invited us to Lake Balaton this weekend. It's referred to as the "Hungarian Sea" since it is a land-locked country. It's a rather large lake southwest of here, and I haven't been there since 1998! Many memories there... :) We are looking forward to this weekend with them and Gabi's family who own a house there. No school Monday because it's a holiday, so it's a nice long weekend. Then just three half days for finals and Kevin is done. Wow! Another year done. Crazy.

Well, I can finally head to bed. I was waiting for my almond pound cake to finish baking because I am making the most delicious trifle with it for a luncheon tomorrow for our last Bible study of this year. I have so enjoyed the study of Romans with these women and being included in it. I have spent a lot of time reflecting on several verses and phrases from the book, and I hope to share them at some point. I know a couple of you have already heard about it from me. :)


Julie said...

so you decided on the house. I am sure you are going to love it and feel more comfortable in it :) It is so nice that the landlord's speak English... what a blessing, and you can store the stuff for free until August... :)

Michelle said...

Yay! I am so glad ya'll found a house and everything seems great about it! Storing your stuff for free?! Wow. God is good!